Despite the fact that President Obama sells billions of military equipment to Taiwan a year, President-elect Trump can’t accept one little phone call from the Taiwan President without being bombard with criticism from the media!

Excerpt from an article off of InfoWars:

The 10-minute telephone call with Taiwan’s leadership was the first by a US president-elect or president since President Jimmy Carter switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China in 1979, acknowledging Taiwan as part of “one China”.

The US signed an agreement decades ago not to speak with Taiwan. China’s government has already dismissed this phone call [from Taiwan to Trump] as ‘small potatoes’ and don’t really care. But yet the media is still flipping out. Here’s what President-elect Trump had to say in response:

Here’s a funny tweet in response to people LITERALLY thinking that a world war is about to break out over the Taiwan-Trump phone call:

Of course the media criticizes Trump over one phone call but the media never criticizes Obama over selling billions [of dollars] of weapons to Taiwan, a year.


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