Politico has been busted time and time again for saying a falsehood is true. So they are not very trustworthy, in my book. But here they are again and this time what they’ve posted is truly satirical!

What in the world are the people at Politico thinking? With stats like this … and stats like this … they really think that we believe this nonsense?! President Obama has been a complete, total, full, 100% FAILURE!

This woman, who is an advocate of the disaster known as ‘Obamacare’, claims that Obamacare did wonders for the economy. When in fact, Obamacare really killed the American middle class.

And so this Trump voter has a very nice reply.

She may be smoking that and anybody who claims that President Obama created an ‘economic boom’ are truly delusional!

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Obama’s ‘recovery’ has been the SLOWEST RECOVERY SINCE WORLD WAR 2!

Also, the poverty rate is the worst it’s been [at least] half a century! Under President Obama’s policies!

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President-elect Trump talked about how terrible the economy has been under President Obama. Trump called out Obama’s economy throughout the campaign. And OBVIOUSLY if President Obama’s ‘economic boom’ really did anything great for anyone, then the many ‘Obama states’ would not have been flipped to ‘Trump states’!


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