Just earlier tonight, President-elect Donald Trump kicked off his ‘Thank You Tour’ in Cincinnati, OH at the US Bank Arena … and the place was rockin’!

President-elect Trump gave a long-winded yet energetic speech. And in the midst of the speech, President-elect Trump made a ‘YUGE’ announcement. Take a look…

President-elect Trump’s oldest child, Donald Trump Jr., had a good laugh about the moment and he posted his thoughts on Twitter:

We know that President-elect Trump was [heavily] leaning towards General Mattis. Trump even said he was impressed with Mattis after their meeting [on November 19th].

There is a really tiny, minor, small issue in order to get General Mattis approved by the US Senate. Law requires a former serviceman [or servicewoman] to be out of US military uniform for at least 7 years before they can become the civilian head of the US military. General Mattis retired from the USMC in 2013 [General Mattis served over 4 decades in the USMC & his highly-decorated, extremely well-known, and extremely respected and renowned]. Despite the little, tiny legislative issue that General Mattis faces, he is highly-respected by both parties [Democrats and Republicans] therefore Mattis should be able to have the legislation tweaked [in order for him to get appointed as Defense Secretary]. Most Senators want General Mattis involved in the war on terror in some type of way, especially Republicans, so General Mattis should easily overcome the legislative issue.


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