President-elect Donald Trump is a massively successful businessman. He took control of The Trump Organization in 1971 and under his leadership, he took it to unprecedented heights and success.

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But do to so much wealth, success, and assets that Trump has — many Democrats and liberals [same thing, right?] are pushing for Trump to throw away his entire company and all that he’s built. The Democrats are calling for Trump to put it into a blind trust, because they are cynical of how Trump will handle business as a President with so many businesses across the world … yeah, the Democrats are some DEFINITE hypocrites. This is the same party that tried to elect Hillary Clinton, that’s worrying about abuse of a public office. What a joke!

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, who is set to be Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, defended Trump on MSNBC [“More Socialist Nonsense and Bull Crap”] and said that the media should quit trying to shame President-elect Donald Trump for being wildly successful and having so many assets.

The issue is, in the Democrats’ eyes, is that Trump has so many assets and such an [overwhelmingly] huge business that there could me many instances in which President Trump would put his company’s welfare before the country’s best interests.

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What’s funny yet hypocritical is that the Democrats have been okay with putting foreign interests and foreign bidders before the American people’s needs for so long … but now that an outsider has taken over the Oval Office, they want to persecute him for no reason.


Two expert lawyers have come out and said that Trump’s business ties could breach the boundaries of constitutional law. But those are only two lawyers and they both are anti-Trump, and what they say is grossly exaggerated. If the Democrats are concerned about ‘constitutional law’ now, then that’s definitely a first.

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The two liberal lawyers said that if President-elect Trump doesn’t [ridiculously and stupidly] sell all of his businesses or put them into a blind trust, then the Electoral College has the ‘right’ not to vote for President-elect Trump. THESE LAWYERS ARE A TOTAL JOKE!

So yes, Trump is way more rich than any President we’ve ever had [and there will most likely never be another US President as rich as Trump is]. But President Obama was one of the very tiny fraction of Presidents who did not put his assets [or money or whatever] into a blind trust.

Yes, President Obama is nowhere near as rich as the wildly successful, entrepreneurial businessman, President elect-Donald Trump — but still, if President Obama didn’t get condemned [even a tad?] for not putting his stuff into a blind trust then that just goes to show you the liberal media bias. Of course, Trump is way, way, way, way more richer than Obama and any other President that we have ever had. Trump is probably richer than all the prior Presidents combined.

But Trump is an outsider and he has nothing to gain as President and everything to lose. He’s only going to be President because he wants to put AMERICA FIRST and save the USA. Because he wants his children’s children [and their children] to have the same chances to succeed that he had [and he wants the same for every other American and their family].

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