We know how terrible women get treated in Islamic countries. They are also forced to wear hijabs. We see Muslim women wear hijabs in the USA also, usually because they are forced to.

CNN had a Muslim woman on who hilariously claimed that she didn’t feel safe to wear her hijab anymore because President-elect Trump made her feel that way, or whatever.

So the CNN anchor suggested that American women start wearing hijabs out in public to show their support of Muslims.

This is a really scary statement.

“Maybe there will be a movement where people wear the head scarf [Muslim hijab] in solidarity. You know, even if you’re not Muslim.”

-Alisyn Camerota [CNN anchor]

We know that in all countries, in which Muslims infiltrated and started out as a minority, eventually they become the majority and totally ‘Islamicize’ it — henceforth, oppressing women and enforcing the torturous, ‘SHARIA LAW’.

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So the statement made by the CNN lady anchor is truly scary. We’ve already seen brainwashed European women begin to ‘Islamicize’ themselves and figuratively bow down to the Muslim men by wearing the hijab. We’ve seen Muslim men abuse European women and mock European women’s fathers, as well. So for this CNN anchor to suggest American women wear hijabs to appease the Muslims and show ‘solidarity’ with them, is really disturbing!