President-elect Donald Trump sent out a tweet about his thoughts on people who burn the American flag.

US citizens can legally burn an American flag, due to the fact that they’re protected by the 1st Amendment. But as you see in the tweet above, President-elect Trump states his strong disdain for people who burn the American flag.

[In my opinion, President-elect Trump’s tweet was satirical and ostentatious, only posted to show how strongly he condemns anyone who burns the American flag. I believe Trump tweeted that out to grab as much attention as possible and it’s also a tweet that easily conveys his feelings. I do not believe Trump really would ever want to implement such legislation. But of course, CNN takes the bait and takes it seriously. LOL!]

In the video below, you see a CNN reporter question Senator John McCain about the President-elect’s tweet. Take a look.

Senator McCain, who is a POW and a Vietnam War veteran, obviously did not want to deal with CNN that day. This took place yesterday.


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