Fast food employees, of all companies [all across the nation], staged radical protests today in multiple states and cities.

They are fighting for a major minimum wage raise. They want to be paid 15 dollars an hour to flip burgers and fry fries. Real nice.

McDonald’s restaurants, in roughly 340 cities across the USA, were the main target of the radical, left-wing protests! These demonstrations were organized by the “Fight For $15” campaign. The entire campaign / organization demands that minimum wage is raised, nationwide, to a grand total of 15 bucks an hour. Very stupid! Lazy fast food workers don’t deserve 15 dollars an hour.

Zuccotti Park in NYC, downtown in the Financial District, was a prominent place for protesters today. Over 2oo fast food employees showed up to demonstrate a protest for a 15 dollar-an-hour MINIMUM WAGE. The thing is though, they illegally blocked the roadways and blocked traffic. Therefore over a dozen of protesters were jailed because they refused to quit blocking the public streets!

A 50 year old man, who is a KFC employee, demands 15 dollars an hour for cooking fried chicken. Alvin Major is 50 years old, works at a KFC restaurant in Brooklyn, and he is proud to protest for his ‘right’ to earn 15 bucks an hour. LOL.

“When we started DEMANDING 15 dollars … people thought we were crazy. But we were just demanding the basic minimum to survive!”-Alvin Major [50 year old male who works at a KFC restaurant in Brooklyn a.k.a. a major loser]

Alvin Major, apparently, has 4 kids and a wife and he says that he can barely even take care of his kids. Well, Alvin, if you quit being lazy and actually pursued a true career — instead of working at a KFC shop, then maybe you could provide for them instead of stupidly and pointlessly protesting for 15 bucks an hour [that you will never get].

It is unknown whether or not Alvin Major was one of the left-wing protesters that got arrested in NYC today, but let’s hope he wasn’t because you can’t bail yourself out on a KFC salary.

In Cambridge, Massachusetts — over 30 fast food workers were arrested for their radical protests. They also demanded 15 bucks an hour [for doing a simplistic and easy job of working fast food]. Their protest was a demonstrated march that disrupted civility and RADICALLY blocked traffic. They refused to respect the laws and refused to let the public roadways be cleared for safe transport, and therefore law enforcement through [at least] 34 of them in the ‘slammer’! GOOD JOB, POLICEMEN AND POLICEWOMEN!

[One of the Cambridge protesters was a Democratic Party Senator, representing Massachusetts. You can read more about this radical, leftist Senator here.]

Local media outlets in Detroit, Michigan reported that roughly 40 protesters [at least 39 protesters] were arrested today for disrupting civility and blocking traffic. Also, in Los Angeles, nearly 50 fast food employees [protesters] were thrown in the jail cell for refusing to follow law enforcement’s orders, when they were politely told to quit blocking traffic. One of Los Angeles’ finest, LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar reported that 49 protesters were arrested for refusing to get off of the public streets.

These were just a few cities that had radical leftists who were arrested for disrupting society and blocking public roadways, today. The city of Pittsburgh, reportedly, had about 19 leftists get issued citations by the police for disrupting traffic by blocking the public roads.


Austin, Texas was another one of the numerous cities that had ‘Fight For $15’ protests take place. Many other cities across America had to deal with there liberal loons today!

McDonald’s restaurants were the primary target throughout the entire nation, in big cities today, for fast food employees [who were protesting]. Many of the protests took place around the McDonald’s restaurants.

Socialist / communist / Marxist, former Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders supported the radical, left-wing protests. He issued out a few messages of support on Twitter, for the protests — despite the protests breaking the law and causing trouble for law enforcement officials. Here’s what Senator Bernie Sanders said:

So Senator Sanders states his support for the ‘Fight For $15’ protests but refuses to condemn their unlawfulness. While these fast food employees were blocking public roadways in busy cities, people with careers were late to meetings due to their unlawful behavior.

The protests were very much so ‘Anti-Trump’. There was some rhetoric overheard at the protests about their anger with Trump’s plan to deport illegal aliens.