The fire that completely destroyed [huge portions of] Gatlinburg, Tennessee was a vicious, massive inferno that just would not quit. But the firefighters [from all across the state], the US National Guard, and the Tennessee State Troopers all came together and finally stopped every last part of the powerful flames.

Everyone was issued a warning to leave Gatlinburg [and surrounding communities were issued the warning, as well]. Thousands on thousands of people fled the area, many of them leaving their houses behind — only for their residences to be burnt to the ground!

It was speculated to be a natural fire that happened due to the bad drought that the area has suffered. But now many are suspecting that it [the fire] could’ve been sparked by an arsonist [or arsonists].

Chimney Tops Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park could’ve been where the fire originated. A large wildfire consumed 3 acres of the land around that area on November 26th, but the fire did not spread. After that fire was finally vanquished,  Chief Ranger Steve Kloster [of Great Smoky Mountains National Park] said that, “The cause of the fire near Chimney Tops appears to be human-caused.”

That wildfire only consumed 3 acres, and it occurred just a few days before the massive, overwhelming, hellacious fire completely went crazy and [practically] destroyed the entire city of Gatlinburg.

Eastern Tennessee, and the area within and around Gatlinburg, has suffered from multiple wildfires over the last few months due to the extremely dry conditions.

Up in the Smoky Mountains, on Monday night, the wind speed nearly hit 90 mph. Those exuberantly fast wind gusts just ‘fueled’ the fire and made the wildfire spread very, very rapidly. The wildfire grew to such an unprecedented and enormous size due to the fast wind speeds. The winds got so fast that the gusts knocked over several power lines — which created even more blazes of fire.

The wildfire then grew and grew and eventually permeated into private property of the city of Gatlinburg, and that’s when things went from bad to worse. Things went from ‘untamed’ to absolutely ‘uncontrollable’. And the fires just destroyed the properties, and businesses, and resorts, and residences, and so many tourist attractions. It literally turned the city into a ghost-town. People fled the city and completely evacuated. And then the fire wiped out the buildings. And nothing was left but rubble, ashes, and the crisp smell of the hot embers flying up into the sky above [which was an orange-reddish sky, due to the embers and fire-flares sparking up into the atmosphere].

Tuesday morning was a completely empty town with distraught officials, authorities, and citizens. All they saw was rubble and so many amazing places — suddenly no longer there.

If you would like to read more about this horrible fire that truly devastated an important area in eastern Tennessee, click here.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was publicly broadcasted that a man was arrested for creating 3 fires that eventually consumed 300 acres of the Tennessean region. The arsonist who was jailed, does not seem to be connected to the [enormously] gigantic fire that happened on Monday night. The arsonist who was jailed, was responsible for fires from earlier in the month.

With an arsonist caught earlier in the month, could he be [somehow] connected to the massive fire from Monday night? Or could he know who created the insanely huge fire from Monday night?

Again, nothing is confirmed. This is all speculation, as of right now. But many things are pointing to possibility of the Monday night fire being started by an arsonist [or group of arsonists].

An arsonist, or arsonists, could’ve sparked the fire and then [organically] the extremely speedy winds just made the fire spread and grow extremely fast.

The fire could have been sparked by someone, or some people. And of course, the wind gusts [at least 87 mph] just grew the fire to a Herculean size. The massive fire from Monday night consumed over 500 acres of land [including properties] before the fire [made up of many fires] was finally ceased.

This Twitter user, who has a nicely-sized population of followers on the social media platform, voiced his personal perspective on the entire catastrophe. He said, perhaps, radical Islamic jihadists could have created the insanely gigantic fire.

[After I read this statement, made by the Twitter user in which you see above, it triggered me to execute my own personal ‘investigation’ into this premise.]


A big number of Muslims strongly and vehemently pushed for Islam to be taught [and indoctrinated into the minds of young children] in public schools. Of course, that radical request was COMPLETELY DENIED, and apparently the Muslims were not too happy after that.

The big, pro-Islam organization, CAIR [Council on American-Islamic Relations], were opposed to the 7th grade social studies standards revoked. CAIR tried to keep the Islamic indoctrination [deeply] embedded in the CommonCore curriculum in Tennessee.

According to ‘The Daily Caller’, which is a highly respected and well known website [and/or source],  wrote this about the fight between CAIR and concerned Tenneessee parents:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is calling on people in Tennessee to oppose a bill that would prevent public schools from teaching the principles of Islam and every other religion until students reach the 10th grade.

Tennessee state legislator Sheila Butt, a Republican, proposed the bill late last week in response to a grassroots campaign across the state by parents — primarily evangelical parents — against what they perceive as an inappropriate focus on Islam in history and social studies courses in taxpayer-funded middle schools.

House Bill 1418, if it becomes law, would prevent the teaching of all “religious doctrine” until students reach the last three years of high school.

CAIR labeled Rep. Butt’s bill “an anti-Islam bill” which is “tied to Islamophobic claims” in a statement sent to The Daily Caller.

To read the remainder of the article, visit this link:

That massive Muslim population is within the eastern side of the state, so they could be responsible. But let us not jump to conclusion, for we have no complete, real, validated, ‘concrete’ evidence for this claim.

[Of course, it could be one or two or just a few radical Islamic jihadists who committed this atrocious act of arson. Or it could me a massive portion of the Muslim population in eastern Tennessee [and perhaps all of Tennessee] that were in on this horrible, Herculean, hellacious hellfire — that began on Monday night … And once again, it might have been a wildfire that started [completely] naturally. But most experts, officials, and authorities are saying that all signs point to a deliberate act of arson.]

So in details, why would someone [who is a complete cynic of anything that has to do with Islam] suspect that [maybe] a radical Islamic jihadist had something to do with this? Because back in September of this year, the 7th grade Social Studies standards of Tennessee public schools — completely knocked out references to Islam. The standard truly knocked out most of the Islamic teachings in the social studies standards.

This report came from KnoxBlog [a media outlet based in Knoxville, Tennessee — Knoxville is a major city in the eastern part of the state and is close to Gatlinburg]:

 In seventh grade, where studies of Islam are concentrated in current standards, the whole section of “Islamic World, 400 A.D./C.E. – 1500s” has been removed in the draft, which went online from the state Board of Education for public review and input Sept. 15. However, the draft standards… include in some form most of the current ones involving Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions. 

As you see, an entire section dedicated to Islamic studies in the social studies standards, was completely eliminated from the standards. This was input by the Tennessee government in September of this year.

The reason why so many parents, guardians, and families got so upset with the standards was because that section of the social studies book forced young students [just little children in middle school] to write and to vocally repeat this saying: “Allah as the only god” or “Allah is the only god”.

Young kids, 7th grade students, had to say that due to the standards and curriculum. So the Tennessee state board of education finally acknowledged the anger of many Tennessean parents and completely knocked out the entire section of the standards. Obviously, many Muslims were not happy with this! Of course, this 7th grade social studies standard was implemented via the CommonCore program. Islam is being taught to so many middle school-aged children in public schools across America because CommonCore has major amounts of standards that force kids to learn about Islam.

Kingsport Times-News issued a column talked about the elimination of Islamic studies, educationally [when it comes to 7th grade standards in Tennessee]. Here’s the report, from September of this year:

Islam removed from draft Tenn. 7th grade social studies standards

[Author: Rick Wagner]

BLOUNTVILLE — Most of the Tennessee middle school social studies standards involving Islam have been removed from new draft standards undergoing public comment in Tennessee through Oct. 28.

In seventh grade, where studies of Islam are concentrated in current standards, the whole section of “Islamic World, 400 A.D./C.E. – 1500s” has been removed in the draft, which went online from the state Board of Education for public review and input Sept. 15. However, the draft standards open for comment at include in some form most of the current ones involving Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions.

An appointed Standards Recommendation Committee will make the ultimate recommendation for new social studies standards to the SBE in early 2017. Implementation will take place in the 2019-20 school year. The 2018-19 school year will serve as a transition and training year for educators on the new standards.

Based on conversations with concerned parents, Sullivan County Board of Education Chairman Michael Hughes said the proposed changes may reflect opinions among some parents, especially those who have contacted him recently.

“They’re in favor of just (taking it out of the standards). I don’t believe they want it taught at all,” Hughes said Wednesday.


For years, the standards involving Islam have drawn controversy and charges of indoctrination, following terrorist attacks by the Islamic State, and study of Islam continues to be controversial. A new law in effect this year specifically prohibits proselytizing for any religion and grew out of the controversy, and public commenter Joe Cerone at the Sept. 6 Sullivan County school board meeting decried the current seventh-grade social studies text as proselytizing for Islam.

“What Tennesseans will see in the revised social studies standards are that they have increased clarity and manageability and are age-appropriate,” Laura Encalade, director of policy and research at the State Board of Education, said via email after a question to McKenzie Manning, communications coordinator for the state board, about the removal of Islam from the standards. Department of Education spokeswoman Chandler Hopper said the department is not involved with the new standards proposal and will not be involved until new standards are adopted. Then it will put out guidance to school systems on the new standards.

“The educator teams sought to address a mixture of themes that were raised through the public review. To see specific changes, we encourage Tennesseans to take their own look at the standards and leave their ideas and comments,” Encalade said. “We are eager for all Tennesseans to participate in this important part of the process.”

Kingsport Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Carmen Bryant and Board of Education Vice President Susan Lodal, former president of the Tennessee School Boards Association, said they are  not familiar with the new standards but knew they were coming. 

“It’s still part of history,” Lodal said of Islam. We’re just not teaching it to our children, she said of that part of history taken out of the draft standards. 

Gone from the draft “Islamic World” are 11 standards, ranging from the physical location and features of the Arabian Peninsula to the expansion of Muslim rule and cultural diffusion of Islam and the Arabic language, the origins of Islam and the life and teaching of Muhammad, including the historical connection to Christianity and Judaism. Also gone is a standard about understanding the Qur’an and Sunnah, different sections within Islam, the Sunnis and Shi’ites, contributions of Muslim scholars, trade routes of Arab society, art and architecture, including the Taj Mahal, the importance of Memed II the Conqueror and Sleiman the Magnificent and writing an explanatory text about the Sha Abbas and how his cultural blending led to the Golden Age and the rise of the Safavid Empire.

[To read the remainder of this article, click here.]

As you see in the article, Sullivan County Board of Education Chairman Michael Hughes said that parents are not happy with the Islamic indoctrination. Chairman Hughes said, “I don’t believe they want it taught at all,” in reference to any part of the Islamic studies. The Islamic studies taught about the history of Islam and the old ages of Islam and the many conflicts that Islam caused, historically.

A person commented on the article, in response to the entire news update, and said: “I think it is very important that kids learn the history of early “Muslims”. It is very important that they learn how abu Bakir instructed his general to round up an entire village into a stable and to set them on fire. Please note that I am not talking about terrorist abu Bakir al-Baghdadi. Terrorist al-Baghdadi is only being a sincere and true follower of the first abu Bakir, the first tyrant terrorist in the history of Bakris (Sunnis). Please teach the kids how filthy the entire 1400 years of history of the Bakri tyrant rulers.”

That person, that commented, seems to mock Islam and how ‘filthy’ the religion is, historically.

A mother of a 7th grade student in Tennessee, Joy Ellis, said that Christian children should not be instructed [nor forced] to write the Shahada. The Shahada is the ‘first five pillars’ of Islam. The Shahada is a declaration of faith made by Muslims. Anyone who recites [or scribes, or writes] the Shahada is declaring their faith in Allah and their commitment to Islam [and Islamic principles and Islamic virtues]. The school standard included making children recite the Shahada, therefore declaring their Muslim faith. One of the mothers, who was upset by this standard, said this: “This is a seventh grade state standard, and will be on the TCAP. I didn’t have a problem with the history of Islam being taught, but to go so far as to make my child write the Shahada, is unacceptable.”

I agree with Joy Ellis, the mother of a Tennessee 7th grade student. To make a young child declare their faith in Allah and declare themselves a Muslim [which is what the kids had to do, forced by social studies standards] is way too ridiculous and it’s absolutely uncanny. It’s very disturbing that this standard was ever approved! The standard literally makes young, 7th grade children say “Allah is the only god.” Totally disturbing.

Another mother of a Tennessee 7th grader offered her thoughts on the Islamic indoctrination: “It really did bother me that they skipped the whole chapter on the rise of Christianity and they spent three weeks just studying Islam.”

That’s what CommonCore does. CommonCore HEAVILY PUSHES and HEAVILY INDOCTRINATES young children with Islam.

This was a fight that went on for a while between the Tennessee educational board and many outraged [and/or worried] parents. It went on for several, several months — until they finally, conclusively settled the issue by eliminating the Islamic standards all together.

Also in Tennessee, in White County [Tennessee] a group called ‘Citizens Against Islamic Indoctrination’ payed for a noticeable advertisement in a popular, local newspaper [Sparta Expositor]. The ad, that they placed in the local newspaper, said “ISLAMIC INDOCTRINATION IS IN SCHOOLS ACROSS OUR STATE AND OUR NATION” as the booming headline! It talked about education standards forcing young kids to learn Islamic principles and recite the 5 pillars of Islam [which, technically, is a declaration of Muslim faith]. The advertisement invited citizens, kids, and anyone to a local meeting which was hosted by a former Muslim who converted over to Christianity. The newspaper ad featured this startling, but very truthful, graphic:

A seventh grade girl in Tennessee, who is a student at Heritage Middle School, did not like learning about Islam [which CommonCore forced her and her classmates to learn and study]. The young, seventh grade girl said this:

“I am being taught in class that Islam is a peaceful religion, yet there are many historical and modern-day examples of violent killings and persecution in the name of Allah and Islam.”

Many parents stood with the little girl against the standards, set by CommonCore, and stood with the young girl against the [educationally-forced] Islamic indoctrination.

A high school teacher in Georgia made a class write an essay from a Muslim’s point of view. A very prominent and well-known Evangelical leader, Pat Robertson publicly announced his dismay for the project. He said that the assignment forced the kids to, temporarily, take on the principles, and virtues, and beliefs, and thoughts of a Muslim. Many agreed with Robertson and outrage was known, very well, by the educational system in that area of Georgia.

Many Muslims are not happy that Islamic studies are being withdrew, especially from Tennessee — where it’s been exorcised [out of the public school standards] the most. So maybe Muslims [that live in Tennessee] felt the need to retaliate via arson — after the long and heated battle over whether or not the social studies standards [for 7th grade students] should force kids to be indoctrinated with Islam, or not.

Law enforcement officials have not released and pictures [nor have they released any info] on the arsonist that they arrested [due to his connection man-made wildfires from earlier in the month]. But perhaps, if they released some info on the arsonist, it could lead us to a conclusion of who [or what group] was ]most likely] responsible for starting the massive, gigantic, Herculean wildfire — that COMPLETELY EVISCERATED over 500 acres [including properties] and COMPLETELY ‘TOTALED’ the city of Gatlinburg.

[This was a different article by me. I know I took on an unconventional approach to this editorial. If you enjoyed it or if this article intrigued you in anyway, then let me know. Thanks.]

Once again, nothing is confirmed. The only confirmed info, that would be known, would be the law enforcement officials that are currently investigating this entire calamity. But until they release some info, we will continue to speculate, and make our best guess onto who [if anyone] started this atrocious, lethal, Herculean, hellacious firestorm — on Monday night.


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