We all know what took place on Monday. Several Ohio State University students were sadistically stabbed by a radical Islamic terrorist, who came to the USA from Somalia.

A radical Muslim stabbed 9 innocents in the name of ‘Allah’ on the campus of Ohio State University on Monday.

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The radical Muslim is an 18 year old Somali refugee. He is a soldier of ISIS, who apparently did not come to America to seek a better life — but instead came to America to wage jihad on the infidels. The radical Somali Muslim, Abdul Razak Ali Artan [18 years old, now DEAD], was a soldier of ISIS.

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The radical Islamic jihadist [soldier of the Islamic State], Abdul Razak Ali Artan, drove his vehicle over the curb and [reportedly] hit some pedestrians. He the got out of his [now wrecked] vehicle and began puncturing any infidel in his sight, with his weapon of choice a.k.a. the butcher knife.

The official news outlet of ISIS posted a photo of Abdul Razak Ali Artan. A photo of Abdul Razak Ali Artan had a caption with it, which was a statement from ISIS:


“Brother Abdul Razak Ali Artan, God accept him, implementer of the Ohio attack, a student in his third year in university.”

IS Amaq Reports Ohio State Attacker a Soldier of the Islamic State

Federal officials studied the ISIS militant’s Facebook page [Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s Facebook page]. They found many posts in which the ISIS militant warned America not to treat Muslims badly. Federal officials [and authorities] have now found some traces of evidence that infer that the soldier of the Islamic State, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, may have lived in Pakistan for [roughly] 7 years after he fled his homeland [hellhole] of Somali. Federal officials [and authorities] are now starting to believe that Abdul Razak Ali Artan fled Somali, lived in Pakistan for several years, and then came to the USA ‘seeking asylum’ as a ‘Somali refugee’.

[Another Muslim refugee [from Somalia] went on a stabbing spree earlier this year in Minnesota.]

Abdul Razak Ali Artan is another reason why every US citizen should proudly support President-elect Trump’s “extreme vetting” policy.

If President-elect Trump were the President already, Abdul Razak Ali Artan would have never been allowed in and those several victims would not be in the hospital right now with severe stab wounds [and mental wounds that will probably never heal]. This Somali refugee, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, was thought to have come to America seeking a life of freedom and prosperity for himself, but instead he was a soldier of ISIS — looking to do in his part in advancing the caliphate of Islam, by waging jihad of the infidels [a.k.a. non-Muslims and American citizens].

The attack occurred early Monday, around 10 AM in Columbus, Ohio [on the Ohio State University campus]. The Islamic jihadist drove his vehicle over the sidewalk [curb] and wrecked into a building. People went to check on him and asked if he was okay, after they saw him wreck. The Islamic terrorist then got out of his vehicle and began viciously lashing out at people with a butcher knife. Students fled the scene for their lives as the Islamic jihadist struck down students with the sharp [and potentially lethal] blade.

The radical Islamic jihadist pierced 11 different people with the butcher knife until a brave OSU police officer pursued the attacker and shot him dead.

Law enforcement officials studied the motive of the 18 year old Somali refugee, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, and came to the conclusion that he was inspired to wage jihad against ‘infidels’ by ISIS propaganda. This is what we call a ‘self-radicalized’ Muslim. Apparently, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, vented his frustrations [about many American people] on social media. He said that he does not enjoy how the American media portrays Muslims and he also voiced his disdain for the American public’s view of Islam. The criticism of Islam and the view that many Americans had on him, just for being a Muslim, led him to waging jihad against innocent civilians.


So that right there, and countless other cases, totally dismantles the left’s agenda — when it comes to Islam and Muslims. Democrats say that Muslims are peaceful people and have nothing to do with terrorism. Yet Democrats then say that you should not criticize Muslims or else they will turn into terrorists. So ‘Democrat logic’ [or ‘liberal logic’] says “Muslims Are Good People And Don’t Have Anything To Do With Terrorism … So Don’t Criticize Muslims Or Else They Will Commit Terrorism.”

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What type of logic is that? Well, there’s really no logic there. But if you had to label it, then call it ‘liberal logic’. Short, sweet, ‘to-the-point’ … and saying ‘liberal logic’ just rolls off the tongue, very alliteratively.

An excerpt from ‘Akdart.com‘ sums it up perfectly:

So there’s some kind of thing in Muslim communities we might need to protect ourselves from, though it has nothing to do with them, and they might not help us if we don’t meet all their demands. 

Like bringing so many more Muslims to America so we’ll have even more people who have nothing to do with terrorism… but whose help we constantly need to fight it.
1. Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism
2. We must stay on their good side to avoid Muslim terrorism

It’s like saying, Bill Clinton is a great guy.  Just don’t ever be in a room alone with him or he might rape you.  But don’t let him get the idea that you think he might rape you… or he’ll rape you.  This is the relationship with Muslims that Hillary Clinton and a lot of the establishment want us to have.  And it’s an abusive relationship heavily spiked with denial.

That excerpt just summarizes it greatly. If Muslims are so peaceful and tolerant, then why do we have to pander out to them? If they are tolerant and peaceful, they why do we have to be so careful not to offend their prophet, or ‘Allah’, or ‘Kuran’ or whatever? ‘Moderate Muslims’ were turned into Islamic extremists in the blink of an eye in France. Two Muslim brothers were ‘triggered’ after seeing a comic strip, that poked fun at Muhammad the Prophet.

The highly-sensitive, thin-skinned, Islamic duo took assault rifles and marched into the office of the company that was responsible for the comic strip. The two Muslim bros then opened fire inside of the building and began to commit an atrocious genocide, all because the newspaper printed a comic strip that made a joke about their religion. Twelve people perished and eleven others were wounded by the two Islamic extremists, who were ‘moderate Muslims’ up until the time they read the satirical newspaper and saw the satirical comic that offended their ‘Islamic’ feelings.

[WARNING: The footage below is extremely disturbing. The video is not for the faint of heart. Please ensure that no children are around while you watch this nightmarish footage.]

So be nice to the Muslims because they have nothing to do with terrorism. Be nice to the Muslims or else they’ll commit terrorism.

So, getting back on track, the Islamic terrorist that attacked OSU was inspired by ISIS. Yes, inspired by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria … otherwise known as ISIS, a.k.a. the group that President Obama says “is not Islamic.”

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Yup, President Obama said that “ISIS is not Islamic.” The first ‘I’ in ‘ISIS’ stands for ‘Islamic’. And yet President Obama says that “ISIS is not Islamic.” He literally said that the Islamic State is not Islamic. Let that settle in for a moment.

So the 18 year old, Somali refugee, who was a ‘moderate Muslim’ until he watched a few ISIS video clips and went full-out ISLAMIC EXTREMIST, stabbed several people at OSU in the name of Allah for the religion of Islam.

The Islamic jihadist praised a member of al-Quaeda on Facebook just moments before he waged jihad on the ‘infidels’ [a.k.a. just moments before he stabbed innocent college students].

Law enforcement officials investigated the terrorist’s Facebook page. This is what the Somali-born, Islamic terrorist said:

“By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday. Btw, every single Muslim who disapproves of my actions is a sleeper cell, waiting for a signal. I am warning you Oh America.”

The most chilling statement is when he said “every single Muslim who disapproves of my actions is a sleeper cell, waiting for a signal.”

Well, we have seen many ‘sleeper cells’ [moderate Muslims] who got ‘a signal’ [offended by a non-Muslim] and then that ‘sleeper cell’ [moderate Muslim] became wide awake [and turned into an Islamic extremist] and waged jihad on the infidels by slaying any non-Muslim in his path.

When The White House was asked about this act of radical Islamic terrorism, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest decided to tenderly approach the subject, so he wouldn’t offend any ‘moderate, peaceful, tolerant Muslims’ by how he explains the OSU stabbings. Because of course, Josh Earnest would never want to offend a ‘moderate Muslim who has nothing to do with terrorism’ because if he did then the ‘moderate Muslim would then commit terrorism.’

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So White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest responded to the media’s question about the vicious stabbing attack committed in the name of Allah, under the religion of Islam. This was his statement:

“Our response to this situation matters. If we respond to this situation by casting aspersions on millions of people that adhere to a particular religion or if we increase our suspicion of people who practice a particular religion, we are more likely going to contribute to acts of violence than we are going to prevent them.”

So as you see the White House Press Secretary said the same thing that every other liberal and Democrat says, when it comes to Islamic terrorism. Earnest said, “if we increase our suspicion of people [Muslims] who practice a particular religion [Islam], we are more likely going to contribute to acts of violence [Islamic terrorism] than we are going to prevent them.” That statement perfectly coincides with the liberals’ and the Democrats’ ‘textbook’ statement of  “Muslims are good people who are not involved with terrorism. So be nice to Muslims or they will commit terrorism.” Wow.

WH Press Sec. Josh Earnest then offered his gratitude to the police officers [and other law enforcement officials] for stopping the radical Islamic terrorist so quickly. The Islamic terrorist began attacking and was shot dead [a little] less than a minute later by a courageous OSU police officer. Officer Alan Horujko is the amazing policeman that gunned down the radical Muslim.

Officer Horujko ordered the radical Muslim, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, to drop the butcher knife. The radical Muslim refused to obey and was then shot dead by Officer Horujko.

Many people praised Officer Horujko for his heroic actions. The Ohio State University President was one of them.

“The officer encountered the individual by 9:53 — the subject was neutralized by 9:53,”-OSU President Michael Drake

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther also was impressed with the young policeman’s heroic actions. Mayor Ginther called Officer Horujko an “outstanding young law enforcement officer.”

Mayor Ginther also released an official statement on the entire incident, and you can read it on his Facebook page. Or if you’d like, you can read it here:

“As we continue to work to understand today’s tragic events, we must give thanks to our first responders and emergency medical professionals for doing everything in their power to assure the best possible outcome under trying circumstances. Their heroic actions saved lives today, and for that we are most grateful.

I have personally met with several of the victims this afternoon, and I am pleased to report that their spirits are good and they are receiving the best of care. The City stands with The Ohio State University in supporting all those who were impacted by today’s traumatic events, and will work with Ohio State to help the university community heal physically and emotionally in the days and weeks to come.

It is important in these difficult times that we come together as a community to support one another, and to resist the temptation to lash out in anger, or to let the actions of one person define an entire community. As an open, diverse and inclusive city, it is especially important to stand with our entire community and work toward productive strategies to stop senseless acts of violence everywhere.”

Ohio Governor John Kasich was amazed by the way the police officers heroically responded to the threat of the rabid, radical Muslim. Governor Kasich said that the OSU police were “unbelievable” and “outstanding and heroic” in their response to the threat posed by the radical Islamic terrorist.

US President-elect Donald Trump also issued out a statement, in response to the attack on the OSU campus by the radical Islamic jihadist. He posted the statement on his official Facebook page. President-elect Trump said this:

“Watching the news unfold at Ohio State University. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the students and administration.

Excellent job by the Ohio State University Emergency Management Team (OSU_EMFP) in immediately notifying students & faculty via social media with the message: “Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College.”

THANK YOU to all FIRST RESPONDERS who reacted immediately and eliminated the threat on campus.”

Just earlier this morning, President-elect Trump issued another statement about the attack. This time on Twitter:

Sadly, President Obama has not issued any type of statement on the ordeal. WH Press Secretary spoke on behalf of President Obama, but you would think a vicious attack committed by a radical Islamic terrorist would trigger a response by the Commander-in-Chief. Sadly, President Obama has not spoken a word, nor has he offered his warm-wishes to the victims, nor has he condemned the radical Muslim [who is now deceased and probably burning in hell], nor did he finally admit that President-elect Trump’s policy of “extreme vetting” is the best way to prevent another 3rd-world Muslim from waging jihad against American citizens on our homeland.

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Also, when WH Secretary Josh Earnest was asked whether or not President Obama had personally reached out to the heroic OSU policeman, Officer Horujko, Earnest said President Obama has not yet talked to Officer Horujko. Which is really a shame because you would think the US President would want to quickly commend and personally display his gratitude to a brave police officer that put his life on the line to subdue a radical Muslim and prevent ‘it’ from stabbing anyone else [and/or killing anyone]. Not surprising though, President Obama is known for his refusal to reach out to brave men and women of law enforcement.


The brave 28 year old policeman, Officer Horujko, has been placed on administrative leave — so that he can relax and get his mind off of the intense situation.

Officer Horujko is an American hero and saved many innocent Americans’ lives that day. Officer Horujko shot down a barbaric, 3rd-world, ‘Sharia Law-loving’, radical Islamic terrorist — thus, doing our country a fantastic service. Thank God that Officer Horujko was ready to go and Thank God that the radical Somali Muslim, Abdul Razak Ali Artan [a.k.a. an ‘Islamic State soldier’] is dead and gone, FOREVER!


Thank you for your support!