[In the image above, you see Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam speaking with the media about the horrible fires.]

A violent, unhinged, massive hellfire [of epic proportions] broke out and spread [extremely] rapidly throughout the Gatlinburg area, in eastern Tennessee. Just last night this all occurred, and the damage is beyond belief. Over 15,000 acres of land [along with the property] has been totally destroyed by the hellacious fires. One person even said that driving through the area [during the fires] “was like driving into hell.”


Well we have just gotten official confirmation from the Governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam. He did not go into specifics, as he must worry about the horrible fire and unbelievable amounts of damage [the fire caused], but he did say that he spoke with President Obama and President-elect Trump.

Gov. Haslam has confirmed that he spoke with Pres. Obama and Pres.-elect Trump. VP-elect Pence mentioned that the Pres.-elect called Gov. Haslam, as well.

Gov. Haslam said that they both [Obama and Trump] offered their kind wishes and best wishes to the people of Gatlinburg [and surrounding areas] as they recover from this unprecedented inferno.

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It’s unknown if President Obama offered anymore help than what Tennessee already has in this time of trouble. We do know that the US National Guard was activated and they have been a major assistance in stopping the fires.

President-elect Donald Trump did send a heartwarming message to the people of Tennessee, during this rough time…

It is now suspected, by Gatlinburg officials, that an arsonist [or many arsonists] sparked the fire. Nothing is confirmed as of right now. At first I believed it was a natural forest fire but it seems to be as if this fire was started by someone. More info to come soon…


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