Conor McGregor is the current UFC Lightweight Champion [and used to be the UFC Featherweight Champion]. He is one of the most popular fighters in the world right now and he is known to not give a d*mn what people say [or think] about him.


[McGregor vs. Alvarez]

Conor’s also known for being late to press conferences. He’s done it quite a few times. And around 2 weeks ago in New York City, he showed up late to another presser.

When asked why he was [15 to 30 minutes] late to the press conference, Conor McGregor blamed it on the anti-Trump liberals who were “going crazy over this ‘election thing'”. Of course he was talking about the thousands upon thousands [upon thousands and so on and so forth] of anti-Trump, pro-Hillary, ‘lunatic-fringe’ liberals who stormed the streets and radically protested the outcome of fair democratic election.

[I’d even argue that the election wasn’t fair because Trump had the odds stacked against him — the media was for Hillary, major donors for Hillary, very popular celebrities for Hillary, Soros-linked voting machines, illegal aliens getting to vote, Trump votes switching from Trump to Hillary due to machine malfunctions, Trump fans being stopped from having their votes count, Trump fans being harassed while trying to peacefully vote, Trump fans being viciously assaulted for supporting Trump at voting booths].

So Conor McGregor TOTALLY LOST HIS COOL and LASHED OUT and CUSSED LIKE A SAILOR when he was asked about why he was late to the press conference. Take a look:

Conor McGregor, as you could tell, was not in the mood for games and was not in the mood to chat. He was visibly [and verbally] frustrated with the anti-Trump riots that disrupted traffic and prevented him from arriving to the press conference on time. Those liberals are lucky that they didn’t vandalize Conor McGregor’s vehicle [radical, lunatic, ‘left-wing’ liberals are known to vandalize people’s vehicles] while Conor was in route to the presser. Because if they did, I have a feeling Conor would’ve laid the ‘smack-down’ on some liberals and sent them back home to their ‘safe-space’.

But just because Conor McGregor was upset with the anti-Trump riots, [due to the fact they hindered his attempt to arrive to the presser on time] doesn’t mean that he is a fan of President-elect Trump. Click this link and you’ll see what Conor had to say about President-elect Trump one time.

[But hey, Trump has got support from UFC stars!]


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