Texas Governor Greg Abbott is pushing for legislation that will totally ban sanctuary cities in the state of Texas. Sanctuary cities harbor illegal aliens and protect them from being deported by the federal government. President-elect Donald Trump strongly opposes sanctuary cities and will withhold federal funding from cities that protect illegals.

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“Sanctuary cities are a disaster. They’re a safe-haven for criminals and people that should not have a safe-haven in many cases. It’s just unacceptable. We’ll be looking at sanctuary cities very hard.”-President-elect Donald Trump [he said this May 2016]

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Illegals are obviously in the USA illegally. So they are already breaking our laws. So it is a little ridiculous that we have gotten to the point of having to sign a law to stop cities from protecting illegals. But due to radical left-wingers and Democrats, we have gotten to that point.

Someone asked Texas Governor Greg Abbott about Austin, Texas choosing to remain a ‘sanctuary city’ despite President-elect Donald Trump’s big threats. So the Texas Governor had a strong reply, that showed where he stood on the matter.

This user asked the Governor of Texas, what he’s going to do about Austin, Texas [a defiant sanctuary city].

So the Governor of Texas responded.

As you see, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that he is “going to sign a law that bans sanctuary cities.” And he also said that he has “already issued an order” to CUT FUNDING to sanctuary cities! TOTALLY EPIC!


Great job, Texas Governor Abbott. And come January 2017, Trump will finally be the 45th President of the United States of America, and we will finally have a LEADER that will strongly push to stop sanctuary cities everywhere.


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