muSOMEHOW, SOMEWAY, MIRACULOUSLY, nobody has died [reportedly] due to the monstrous fires burning up the tourist region in eastern Tennessee. Yes, I repeat, THUS FAR … No one has died. But these fires are truly raging.

Anywhere between 14 and 20 fires have broken out in Gatlinburg, TN [and within the vicinity of Gatlinburg, TN] earlier today. And they are all massive infernos!

The drought and the 70 mph wind gusts are making it INSANELY TOUGH for firefighters to combat the vicious infernos.

The Gatlinburg firefighters, represented by Chief Greg Miller, have asked for all Americans’ prayers as they take on these monstrous fires.

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The wildfire [naturally, we presume] broke out and began to engulf the forest of Smoky Mountains National Park. Then the wildfire got huger and huger and huger — and then QUICKLY SPREAD to communities and townships within the vicinity.

Flames attacked the downtown area of Gatlinburg and people evacuated as quickly as possible.

The city officials [and authorities] of Gatlinburg had to hit the road running from the Gatlinburg city hall. They evacuated with all of the other residents, tourists, and citizens. A county emergency was issued to everyone in Gatlinburg, and even issued to people in communities near the city, warning the people to evacuate the area. That’s how bad and big the flames got [and are]!

The warning issued by the county had a scary statement. It said “IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN GATLINBURG AND ARE ABLE TO EVACUATE…EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY” and it also told people not to enter the city.

Multiple businesses and numerous residences were engulfed by fires in downtown Gatlinburg. Thankfully, the National Guard was activated and sent down to the city to assist the firemen as they fought the vicious, massive infernos.


Just a [little over a] couple hours ago, at 10 PM, a tall, 16-story hotel was being swallowed by the massive fire. And over 30 buildings were being totally destroyed by the infernos.

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Dolly Parton’s theme park, Dollywood, was very close to suffering a lot of damage but the flames only permeated the edge of the theme park. Dollywood’s guests were forced to evacuate the property due to the danger of the fires. Tennessee Emergency Management and Dollywood’s director of media relations confirmed that info.

The black, dark, night sky of Gatlinburg — quickly switched over to a fiery, orange color due to the fires. Gatlinburg literally looked like the deep pits of HELL.

Please keep Gatlinburg in your prayers.

What’s very scary and very sad is that the people are stuck inside of a hotel and cannot evacuate due to the fires being so close. If they went outside, they’d be scorched and swallowed up by the flames and choked up by the smoke. Reportedly, they are all safe [as of right now] but still can’t leave the hotel DUE TO THE FIRE!

This Twitter user posted a video showing a point-of-view of the massive fires from inside of a hotel.


Due to the massive amounts of people trying to evacuate, and needing to evacuate, school buses were started up and carried citizens away from the horrific fiery scenes.

One good thing that we know is that rain is expected to hit the area soon. But the winds are still very harsh and the wind gusts are still soaring fast. So the winds will continue to fan the flames, but hopefully the rain will hit and help vanquish the fires.

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