President-elect Trump has [reportedly] narrowed his Secretary of State candidates down to three. And the wildcard is General Patraeus. Yet Trump says he is “very impressed” with the general.

General David Patraeus was forced to resign his position of CIA Chief in 2012, due to the fact that he mishandled classified info. His story [and trial] has been compared to Hillary Clinton’s situation, in which she handled classified info — but did not suffer any consequences [like General Patraeus did, and like this US Navy Sailor did].

Not only did General Patraeus have to resign, but the government forced him to pay a fine of 100,000 dollars … and serve 2 years of probation. [And he only did a tiny fraction of what Hillary did, yet Hillary got off scot-free. #ClintonPrivilege]

After meeting with the Iraq War veteran, General Patraeus, President-elect Trump posted his thoughts on Twitter:

As you see, President-elect Trump “was very impressed” by General Patraeus. The other two men [reportedly] competing for the position of Sec. of State, are Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani.

[Romney & Rudy are the ‘odds on’ favorites for Sec. of State]

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[… but Trump’s meeting with General Patraeus is a sign that the President-elect is still keeping his mind open when it comes to who he will appoint as Sec. of State]

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It would be interesting [and some might say ‘hypocritical’] if President-elect Trump chose General Patraeus as his Sec. of State. Trump condemned Hillary for her lousy job as Sec. of State, and the amount of times she mishandled highly-sensitive, classified information — so many people would call Trump a ‘hypocrite’ for picking Patraeus as his Sec. of State [since he’s mishandled classified info].

The thing is, General Patraeus only mishandled a small bit of classified info. Hillary mishandle a massive amount of classified info, and she did it REPEATEDLY!

All that we know about the meeting between Trump and Patraeus is that Trump “walked” Patraeus “around the world” [a.k.a. Trump and Patraeus discussed various situations happening across the world].

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After the meeting, General Patraeus said that the President-elect “basically walked us around the world … He showed a great grasp of the variety of challenges that are out there and some of the opportunities as well.”

The two contenders that are ‘most likely’ to be appointed to Sec. of State by Trump are:

  • Mitt Romney
  • Rudy Giuliani

But this meeting that Trump had with Patraeus throws a wildcard in the mix … So who knows who Trump will choose?!

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We also have word that Tennessee Senator Bob Corker is being considered for Sec. of State as well, but he appears to be a ‘long shot’ [not likely to be chosen].

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ALSO, after President-elect Trump and VP-elect Pence met with the many candidates [for Trump Administration roles] at Trump Tower today, the media approached VP-elect Pence and asked him for some comments. VP-elect Pence made an exciting statement, that has got people on the edge of their seats. VP-elect Pence told reporters this:

Jennifer Epstein [of Bloomberg Politics] reported that statement, as you see.


As we wait for tomorrow’s “very important announcements”, Trump’s personal aide, Kellyanne Conway, showed us an inside look of the hard work being put in by President-elect Trump.

Great. Check back into the site for updates! Tomorrow will be an exciting day!


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