An analysis straight from space … The European Space Agency’s cameras, floating over the earth, has proven that San Francisco’s Millennium Tower [58 stories high] is slowly sinking beneath the city’s turf. The agency’s satellite is floating 400 miles over San Francisco and has accumulated enough data to prove that the Millennium Tower is sinking. Here’s the detailed data, released by the European Space Agency, that shows Millennium Tower is slowly sinking into the earth.

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The European Space Agency began to conduct observations of the San Francisco area — due to the fact it’s EXTREMELY PRONE to tectonic movement and, as we all know, earthquakes. The European Space Agency’s radar imagery has provided many stats, facts, and optics to prove that the Millennium Tower is very slowly sinking. The agency’s satellite recorded San Francisco data every few weeks [24 days, to be exact]. 


Even though it is impossible to notice with the human eye, and impossible to feel, the Millennium Tower has sunk 16 inches into the ground — since being built in 2009! THAT’S CRAZY!

Experts and engineers have estimated that Millennium Tower is sinking at the rate of [approximately] 1 inch per year. THAT’S PRETTY WICKED.

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[Millennium Tower isn’t sinking that fast. But still, it’s sinking!]

Petar Marinkovic, an expert scientist, analyzed the European Space Agency’s radar imagery and came to the conclusion that the Millennium Tower has sunk [anywhere] between 1.6 and 1.8 inches over the past year. He also said that Millennium Tower has sunk nearly 3 inches [2.6 to 2.9 inches] over the satellite’s 17 month observation period.

WOW! That’s pretty radical. Doesn’t sound good for San Fran’s infrastructure!

Millennium Partners, the developers of Millennium Tower, say that the building is COMPLETELY SAFE and they also said that the tower could WITHSTAND AN EARTHQUAKE ! ! !

The company [Millennium Partners] is refusing to accept blame for Millennium Tower’s issues. The company has said that the city’s construction [and how the infrastructure has been constructed]  has caused the tower to slightly lean and slightly sink.

The city agency has declared that Millennium Tower’s “inadequate foundation” is the [literal] root of the [sinking] problem. Swaying the blame back over to Millennium Partners. Millennium Partners have, just recently, hired engineers to test soil samples — so that they can see, whether or not, the tower has stopped sinking [and so that they can see, whether or not, there is a way to fix the tower’s problem].

Tenants of the building have, just recently, gotten an attorney to represent them. They claim that the developers told them that the sinking issue has been resolved, even though it has not been fixed! The attorney said that the satellite data is factually accurate and proves that the building is sinking, despite what Millennium Partners [may try to] dispute.

[This Twitter user had a nice quip. Millennium Tower’s foundation has also caused the building to slightly tilt.]

The Millennium Tower is slowly sinking, and it shows no signs of stopping. This is not a mega-problem now, but over the next few decades — it’s going to become an URGENT ISSUE to address and [hopefully] resolve.




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