In the war town city of Aleppo, we’ve seen airstrikes launched upon the area –targeting ISIS and creating collateral damage. Aleppo’s been a total hellhole. But now the Islamic State is losing it’s grip on the sectors they control. The Syrian Army has stormed eastern Aleppo and are taking it back.

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[Russian airstrike hits a part of Aleppo, in an attempt to kill ISIS militants.]

In the Masaken Hanano district of Aleppo, the Syrian soldiers wiped out ISIS and liberated at least 80% of the area!

The Saudi Arabian newspaper, Al-Watan, confirmed the info.

“Following fierce clashes which continued even during the night, the [Syrian] army retook more than 80 percent of the territory of Masaken Hanano.”

The newspaper also reported that Syrian soldiers undertook offensive actions in other areas of the city, while liberating Masaken Hanano. Due to the many numbers of Syrian soldiers all attacking at once, the Islamic State was unable to hold a defensive and were forced to flee the area, relinquishing [80% of] their hold on the territory of Masaken Hanano.

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[Two Syrian soldiers in Aleppo]

The US [reportedly with some sort of assistance from Saudi Arabia, not confirmed] funds and arms the Syrian soldiers. Right now, the US does not have many of their personnel in Syria but they do have at least a few hundred [US service members placed in Syria].

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Aleppo, Syria is an absolute war zone. ISIS, Syrian rebels, and other ragtag groups all combating [with and against] each other in the destructed city.

The civil war of Syria began in 2011 and has been going on ever since. The war is truly waging in Syria, and especially in Aleppo. ISIS is not the only group of [Islamic] jihadists that are wreaking havoc in Syria. There are other groups of radical Islamic terrorists as well, but of course, ISIS is the most prominent and powerful [radical Islamic terrorist group].

We all know that President Obama’s [and his administration’s] policies assisted the ascension of ISIS. Not only did President Obama’s foreign policies help grow ISIS, but his [and his administration’s] foreign policies [practically] armed ISIS with heavy artillery and advanced military weaponry. But it is great to see ISIS slowly losing their grip on sections of Aleppo.


[Syrian soldiers inspect a destructed area of Masaken Hanano.]

Sadly, throughout the hectic warfare, at least 212 civilians [nearly 30 of them were children] died as the Syrians fought the Islamic State and took back the eastern sector of Aleppo. Many civilians are always killed during war, and Syria has seen mass amounts of civilians killed amid the warfare.

The Syrians attacked [heavily and rapidly] and took back 80% the Masaken Hanano section [in Aleppo]. This is truly great news to see.


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