Ever since Julian Assange’s connection was cut off, conspiracy theorists have been going crazy. Many people thought Julian Assange was locked up or even worse … dead!

Well, those conspiracy theories have been put to rest.

Just this past weekend, the exiled founder of WikiLeaks was exiled no longer. He spoke to an interviewer in Beirut, Lebanon. Follower of WikiLeaks and other concerned people from across the globe believed that Assange could have been killed [due to the explosive e-mails he has been leaking from Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, many people believed that he became the next member of the Clinton Body Count]. But when he gave the interview over the weekend, it was the proof of life that everyone needed. [People thought Julian Assange could have been killed by the Clintons, since Hillary Clinton was caught attempting to have Julian Assange killed via a drone strike.]

Many of Julian Assange’s followers and supporters were very worried that he was killed or abducted and tortured to death. There was a report that armed men appeared outside of his residence. And that report / rumor got Julian Assange’s supporters even more skeptical.

At the start of the interview [this past weekend], Assange began to talk about Fidel Castro’s death to prove that it was not a prerecorded interview.

WikiLeaks posted the interview on Twitter, most likely to put the conspiracy theories of Julian’s death to rest.

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have been a real pain to the Clintons as they sabotaged her campaign and her chance of getting elected to the US Presidency. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks kept dropping BOMBSHELL AFTER BOMBSHELL as they leaked her e-mails, which exposed her lies and exposed her corruption. And even one of the e-mails exposed her campaign Chairman, John Podesta, and his sick fetish with demonic rituals and spirit dinners. And one of the biggest revelations in Hillary’s leaked e-mails was proof of the DNC rigging the Democratic Primary against Bernie Sanders, giving Hillary Clinton the substantial edge to winning the nomination.

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The main reason that Julian Assange was thought to be dead by so many people is because Ecuador cut off his internet connection, due to the fact he was meddling in the US election and relentlessly exposing Hillary Clinton. Apparently, Secretary of State Kerry gave a direct order to have Ecuador stop Assange from connecting to the internet.

Despite WikiLeaks doing their best [okay, maybe not their best, but they tried] to show Assange is alive and well, many people still don’t believe it and call for Assange to make a live appearance to prove his existence. Some conspiracy theorists have said that Assange’s voice sounded different in the interview, so it may not even be Assange — according to people who are still skeptics.

What do you think? Assange — dead or alive? I think he is alive and this interview proved it, to me at least!


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