This woman, in the video below, is a transgender woman. She has very interesting videos and she always has interesting takes on certain situations. She talks about why Hillary Clinton’s corruption, scandals, low-energy, and health issues was not enough. She also explained how the Democrats insults did not work either. As Hillary labeled Trump fans as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” and so on and so forth, those labels did not work. She explained how the only two candidates running that were populists and truly a grassroots movement was Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Blaire White [the trans-woman below] discusses how Hillary had the system rigged against Bernie.

Take a look at the video, she [Blaire White] does a very good job explaining why Hillary lost to Trump. I’m sure this video will trigger leftists as well, because ‘left-wing’ liberals think that they own the transgender vote automatically. But this trans-woman sees through their bull s**t.

What’s your thoughts? I think she nailed it. Share the video to educate all of your liberal friends.


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