It happened on Thanksgiving. And we have many things to be thankful for and one of them is our brave men and women of the US Armed Forces. Whether you agree with our military’s foreign endeavors or not, you must admit that we have the bravest people on earth serving in our great US military.

An IED [bomb] exploded near Ayn Issa, Syria [northern part of Syria]. The bomb was placed in an area only 35 miles north of ISIS’ [self-proclaimed] capital, Raqqa. The bomb went off and it killed the US serviceman.

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[In the image above, you see the where Raqqa is located. Raqqa is currently controlled by ISIS.]

The US military is currently in Syria assisting Syrian Kurdish troops in the fight against the Islamic State [ISIS]. The US has been a big help as they gradually escalate the fight against ISIS. The US has sent multiple airstrikes over in Syria, targeting ISIS members.

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[The image above shows the explosion after a US airstrike, in Syria.]

Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter issued his official statement on this sad death of the US troop:

US officials and identified the fallen troop. Here is the brave man that was tragically killed by the IED in Syria, on Thanksgiving day.

As you see in the tweet above, the serviceman who died was Senior Chief Petty Officer Scott C. Dayton [of the US Navy]. He died at the age of 42, due to the IED blast in Syria. He’s the first US military death in Syria.

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Senior Chief Petty Officer Dayton enlisted in the US Navy back in 1993. He is highly-decorated, he has earned prestigious 19 medals throughout his long and enduring military tenure. One of the 19 medals that he earned was the Bronze Star. This man, Senior Chief Petty Officer Dayton, is a brave man and a real man and I greatly respect him, as I greatly respect all our US troops. Let’s all remember Senior Chief Petty Officer Dayton and say a prayer for him, his friends, his comrades, and his family.

[The Twitter user above calls for fellow Americans to remember the fallen troop, Senior Chief Petty Officer Dayton.]

Over a year ago, our US troops first ventured into Syria, and our troops did not suffer a death in Syria up until now.

Our brave US troops have been in the war-torn country of Syria, gradually escalating the fight against ISIS [or ISIL].

[In the image above, you see the the world’s most evil and sadistic savages, ISIS.]

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Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve confirmed all of the info that you’ve read. They confirmed this on Thursday.

“The entire counter-ISIL Coalition sends our condolences to this hero’s family, friends and teammates. On this Thanksgiving, please be thankful that there are service members willing to take up the fight to protect our homeland from ISIL’s hateful and brutal ideology.”-Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend [commander of the joint operation / US Army 3-Star General]

Please keep our US troops, at home and abroad, in your thoughts and prayers. And please pray for this serviceman’s family, as they mourn during this difficult time.


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