I am not endorsing a Crusade in any way, form, or fashion! But this threatening letter sent to the Evergreen Islamic Center [mosque in San Jose, California] warns the Muslims that President-elect Donald Trump is “going to cleanse America” free of Islam!

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[This could be another hoax. We’ve seen numerous ‘hate hoaxes’ where ‘anti-Trump’ people tried to make threats and hate crimes appear as if Trump supporters did them. It would not surprise me if a Muslim at the Evergreen Islamic Center fabricated this entire ordeal.]

San Jose police have begun to investigate this malicious threat. The letter was reported to law enforcement on Thursday night. A Muslim imam found the letter in the mail.

Many supportive posts have been left by Facebook users on the mosque’s Facebook page.

  • A woman named Kristen posted, “I am so sorry that you have been the target of vileness and hate. Blessings on you all!”
  • A man named P. Michael posted, “I just read of the letter that your Center received. As a Christian, and as Human Being, I am repulsed and disturbed by the energy that some would exert, to send such vile garbage. I send you thoughts of Peace, and wishes that Justice finds those that are filled with hate. God Bless.”
  • A man named Alan posted, “As a Jew and a neighbor, I am sickened by the hate that some people feel they must direct to those not like themselves. I hope that justice comes swiftly to the hatemongers, and only wish salaam/shalom/peace to your worshippers.”

The spokesman for the San Jose Police Department [Sgt. Enrique Garcia] said that the threatening letter is being treated as a “hate motivated incident” … well, obviously!

The letter

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has requested extra-police protection of mosques within the San Jose vicinity. The Council on American-Islamic Relations also made an outcry for politicians and religious leaders [of all faiths] to speak out against “the mainstreaming of Islamophobia that we are witnessing in California and nationwide.”

To me, it is not Islamophobia. It’s ‘Islamo-realism’. Look at all f the nations, in which Muslims started out as a minority. They [Muslims] slowly became the majority of those countries and began to strip women’s rights away and strictly enforce Sharia Law. Even established and rich countries, such as Saudi Arabia, still treat women terribly — due to the strict guidelines of Sharia Law. It is natural and totally normal to be skeptical of Muslims and [or] fear Muslims. Especially since we’ve seen 9/11 occur because of Islam and the worst mass shooting in American history committed by a radical Islamic terrorist. Plus, many other vicious, terrorist attacks committed by radical Muslims. Not just here in the USA, but across Europe, and abroad.

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An official spokesman for the Evergreen Islamic Center said that the letter was very scary — but despite this, he does not expect an attack [or attacks] on the mosque.

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There is no info on whether the letter was written by a Christian, a Jew, or anyone else of faith. No one knows who wrote the threatening letter.


It is interesting to note that two brothers [image above] killed their own parents back in April of 2016. And those two brothers happened to be Muslims, who attended services at the Evergreen Islamic Center.

Evergreen Islamic Center spokesman, Hasah Rahim, commented on the threatening note they received: “All of us are Americans. We are as much a part of this land as anyone else.”-Evergreen Islamic Center spokesman, Hasan Rahim

Is it just me or does this letter look like it was written by a liberal? I mean we’ve seen liberals set up hate crimes to make it look as if a Trump fan did it and this seems like the same thing. I mean, really? Would anyone [with a serious hatred of the recipient and wasn’t a hoaxer] really say “There’s a new sheriff in town – President Donald Trump”? If this letter was truly sent by a Trump supporter, wouldn’t you expect it to be more subtle? I mean if I was a liberal who wanted to stage a hate crime and make it look as if a Trump fan did it, the guidelines would be:

  • Insult the Muslims
  • Clearly mention the fact that I support Trump
  • Threaten the Muslims [maybe even make the threat sound similar to the Holocaust]
  • Take a parting shot, as I end the letter, with a powerful statement that will echo in their heads — and truly scare them.

And when I look at that letter, it meets all of those guidelines. It’s just a basic letter with no personality. If it was truly a Trump fan, you’d think there would be some type of personality [conveyed through the letter] but instead it’s just a few, blatant, hateful statements that come across as robotic. It’s like someone did their best to meet all of the criteria possible, to make the letter clearly state that the author of the letter is a Trump supporter and hates Muslims. And if it was a Trump fan, I doubt the author of the letter would mention it.

Another official of the Evergreen Islamic Center said that he’s received a massive amount of support [and reaffirmation] from many people in the community [including a Catholic bishop and San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia].

Let’s all remember what San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia once did. He, knowingly, allowed brutal assaults to occur on Trump fans back when Trump hosted a rally in the city. The San Jose Mayor [reportedly] told Police Chief Eddie Garcia to stand down [as Trump fans were brutally beaten (by radical liberals)].

Just interesting to note that San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia is showing so much support to the mosque [that was only threatened] and showed no support to the peaceful Trump fans [who were BRUTALIZED by radical liberals].


So do you think the note is legit or do you think it’s a total hoax [fabricated by ANOTHER LIBERAL]? Tell me in the comment section below.


Thank you for your support!