After Nigel Farage spearheaded the Brexit movement and led it to a monumental victory AND after Donald Trump led his rebellion against the establishment to a historic win and became the President-elect of the US, Nigel Farage [friend of Trump’s] says that he fears for his safety and that he fears for his life.

Nigel Farage does not leave his house without security. He does this so some unhinged, lunatic liberal doesn’t try and assault [or kill] him.

Nigel Farage has received countless death threats from ‘tolerant’ liberals.

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Nigel Farage has always been in the center of controversy and he’s found himself in it again after saying that he would not rule out the potential of supporting Marine Le Pen for French President. [Marine Le Pen is a controversial leader and many deem her to be a fascist.]

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Last Thursday, Farage was threatened by an unhinged, radical left-wing wack-job. When speaking about this crazy incident, Nigel said :

“I’ve got no life. I can’t do anything, I can’t go anywhere.”

Ever since leading the Brexit campaign to a stunning [upset] victory, the death threats [that Nigel has received] accumulated more than ever. Nigel Farage does not feel safe in his own country because so many unhinged, lunatic liberals want the UK to stay in the European Union. Nigel Farage wants the UK to restore it’s sovereignty, return power to the people, return the government to the UK citizens.

“I can’t even walk down the street without it [security]. I have to go to private places, private venues. The thought of doing a Friday night pub crawl around Westminster, I just can’t do it any more.”-Nigel Farage

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Nigel Farage’s family was chased out of a pub and their car was attacked by radical, unhinged, left-wing liberals. This happened last year, during the uprising of the Brexit movement.


Nigel Farage said that the British liberals have become more crazed and that he’s been in more danger ever since his good friend, Donald Trump, became the President of the United State.

After Nigel Farage led the Brexit campaign to an amazing, stunning [upset] victory — he decided to retire [reportedly because he was afraid of being assassinated].


[Nigel Farage survived a plane crash in 2010. Epic.]

During the Brexit campaign, there were attempts by [would be] attackers, that tried to sneak knives into the rally. They were going to try and stab Nigel Farage. Luckily, the culprits were caught and were unable to attack Farage.

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Nigel Farage, after leading the Brexit movement to victory, attended the Republican National Convention the next month, across the Atlantic Ocean, in Cleveland, Ohio. He ran into some of Trump’s team while he attended the RNC and ever since then he’s been a friend of Trump’s … and a mentor. Nigel Farage heavily assisted in Trump’s preparation for one of the Presidential debates.

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After Trump won [in an upset], Nigel Farage became the first UK politician to congratulate Trump. President-elect Trump posted this message on Twitter, stating his opinion on Farage [potentially] being UK’s ambassador to the US.

Apparently, there is no opening for the position of British ambassador to the US. But, nevertheless, President-elect Trump let his opinion be known.

2016 has been an incredible year of winning and uprising of nationalist, populist movements. Nigel Farage says that 2017 could be even more suprising [politically] and he said if Marine Le Pen becomes the President of France, then the EU is over!

“If Le Pen wins, it is the end of the EU.”-Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage said the knows Marine Le Pen and that she is “brilliant”. Marine Le Pen has been deemed a “facist” and her party is viewed as “racist” by many radical, unhinged, left-wing liberals. So for Nigel Farage to say that he would not rule out [potentially] endorsing and supporting Marine Le Pen, is another statement that could fuel the fire of anger — among unhinged leftists [many, who want to hurt Nigel or even kill him].

Nigel Farage strongly agrees with President-elect Trump’s agenda and supports the ‘Trump wall’ being built to prevent illegal immigration. Nigel Farage also supports the US President-elect’s policy of “extreme vetting” when it comes to Muslim immigrants. Farage also agrees with Trump on attempting to [militarily] team up with Russia, in the fight against ISIS.

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Nigel Farage said that the US President-elect, Donald Trump, could be a “hero” to the middle-class / working-class of America if he [Trump] executes his agenda.

“The potential for a post-Brexit Britain to build a strong relationship with the US isn’t just good for us economically or for our businesses, it’s massively helpful in terms of renegotiation in Brussels, it’s a big message to the British public …”-Nigel Farage

Farage is being offered to speak at venues all around the world and he’s also hit with requests by the media, to speak or to be interviewed, at an unprecedented rate. Farage also plans on writing a book next year, probably about his life and the entire Brexit movement.


Still, despite the Brexit campaign being over, there are still worries about if Brexit can truly be executed. Nigel Farage warned that there could be [and definitely will be] riots if the British people’s vote is not acknowledged. Nigel Farage is still in more danger than ever and does his best to cope with the violent threats he receives. He refuses to leave his home without security, which is definitely a great idea.


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