As we have seen lately, Cuban-Americans in Miami are celebrating the death of the communist dictator, former Cuba President Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro led his ‘revolution’ and completely turned Cuba into a communist country. The communism was a Soviet-style communism. Fidel Castro tyrannically ruled over Cuba for nearly 6 decades. He was a mega-enemy of the USA for over half a century. As the ruler, Fidel Castro oppressed millions Cubans and millions of Cubans fled the vicious ruler. Many of them [Cubans] fled to the USA to find a better life.


Gloria Estafan, is a Grammy award winning singer. She’s a Cuban-American and wrote her thoughts about Fidel Castro’s death. She wrote them and posted it on Instagram for all of her fans, and anyone else, to see.

imageimageAs you can see, in the opening of her statement, she said that the death of Fidel Castro, the death of Fidel’s oppressive policies, and the demise of Fidel’s ideology can only mean “positive change” for the country of Cuba and Cubans everywhere.

When Gloria Estefan was a child, her and her family fled Cuba President Fidel Castro’s oppressive government. Her and her family left Cuba and came to the USA for a breath of fresh air and fresh freedom.

Despite Fidel Castro’s death, his brother still overrules Cuba and the socialist-communist policies are still in place. The regime is still oppressive and controlling. And it looks like it will continue to be that way for quite some time, as of right now.

The Cuban-American singer, Gloria Estefan, also blamed [and condemned] Fidel Castro for tearing apart Cuban families and imprisoning innocent people. In the post, she blamed Fidel for destroying freedom in Cuba and for  absolutely ruining Cuba’s economy, which was once great, before Fidel Castro took over and converted Cuba to a ‘commie-country’.

Gloria Estefan’s father was placed in prison by Fidel Castro’s oppressive regime. Communist Cuba held her father in prison for 2 years until President John F. Kennedy negotiated his release. Gloria Estefan’s father was placed in the Cuban prison because he went on an undercover mission [sent by the US government] and was caught by the Cuban government.

Here is one of Gloria Estefan’s many songs, below:

“May freedom continue to ring in the United States, my beautiful adopted country, and may the hope for freedom be inspired and renewed in the heart of every Cuban in my homeland and throughout the world.”-Gloria Estefan


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