We know that the oppressive Cuban, communist dictator [Fidel Castro] lived like a king in wealth and glory while the Cubans suffered in poverty and worst.

[When Fidel Castro led his revolution and overthrew Cuba President Batista, the Cuban people thought they were going to get change for the much better. But Fidel betrayed his word and oppressed the Cubans EVEN WORSE. Total nightmare!]


We all know about the lavish life that Fidel lived while his people were poor and dying — but the former bodyguard of Fidel Castro has come out and dropped some ‘bombshell’ details!

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[The former bodyguard, in the picture above, died in 2005. But before he died he wrote a book exposing Fidel Castro and all of his endeavors.]

The former bodyguard of Fidel Castro, Juan Reinaldo Sanchez [who died in 2015] wrote in his book, “The Double Life of Fidel Castro: My 17 Years as a Personal Bodyguard to El Líder Maximo”, about what he witnessed while protecting the brutal dictator, Fidel Castro. Here’s an excerpt, of what he wrote:

“While his people suffered, Fidel Castro lived in comfort. Keeping everything, including his eight children, his many mistresses, even his wife, a secret.”

The former bodyguard tells it all in his book. As you see, no surprise, Fidel Castro had many mistresses — as we all presumed! The security guard even talks about a HUGE SECRET that not many knew — Fidel Castro once threatened to have his brother, Raul [the current Cuban President], MURDERED! He explains why in his book.

Fidel Castro has been the recipient of assassination attempts, reportedly over 600 [at least], but he never was murdered — instead he died due to his own health issues and old age! So we all know Fidel is praised by some world leaders and viewed as an enemy by others, but in the book you can read more about his life. I have this book and I personally recommend it. It’s got a lot of details in it. If you’d like to know more about my thoughts on the book and if you want to hear more about the book, then you can contact me on the third tab of my website. I’ll tell you what I like and dislike about the book. Me, personally, as history-junkie — I recommend it.

 Check out the former bodyguard’s book if you would like to know more about the oppressive, brutal, communist dictator, former Cuban President Fidel Castro.
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“The Double Life of Fidel Castro: My 17 Years as Personal Bodyguard to El Lider Maximo

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