Former Candidate for GOP Nomination, [former Florida] Governor Jeb Bush, has publicly stated that it is time for the Republican Party to update itself to remain relevant moving forward.

[Gov. Bush recently applauded the President-elect Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education.]

The Democrats have a lot of support from young people and that will provide the GOP problems moving forward. If it weren’t for such an unorthodox and powerful candidate like Trump, the GOP [maybe] wouldn’t have won the election this year.


[GOP won the Senate, the House, and the Presidency. This is the ‘Trump effect’. Painting the nation red, from coast-to-coast. From sea to shining sea!]

With the future of America looking more diverse than ever, with more and more immigrants coming in, and more Muslims entering [probably invading and trying to advance a caliphate] — it is vital for the Republican Party to not appear as if they are ‘old school’ and it is vital for the Republican Party to become a little bit more accepting / welcoming when it comes to the LGBT community and [maybe even] climate change activists and definitely minorities.

I’m not saying that the GOP is racist towards blacks and Hispanics, because that is far from the truth, but I am just saying that the GOP struggles to get it’s point across to the black community and the Hispanic community (overall, in comparison to the Democrats). Trump got more black votes than McCain and Romney received, so that shows that Trump’s unorthodox and ‘politically incorrect’ approach to the Presidency, politics, and government attracted some new voters.


Many of the voters are not necessarily going to be committed to the Republicans just because they decided to vote for Trump, but I am sure a decently-big portion of those minority voters [that voted for Trump] only voted for the Republican ticket due to the fact Trump is so magnetic, energetic, vibrant, bold, distinct, and different.

And Jeb Bush sees that Trump has truly began to redesign the entire platform and outlook of the Republican Party, which has attracted LGBT votes [despite the fact that the Republican Party is, historically, against gay marriage (overall)].

Warning: the video below is ‘kind of’ vulgar. Lmao.

It is good to see Governor Bush recognize that Trump [his former rival] has truly attracted more GOP voters and has expanded the base of Republican voters [and potentially, Republican loyalists].

Gov. Bush urged the entire GOP to pursue “21st-century solutions”. He inferred that the GOP must be more inclusive if they are going to remain relevant AND NOT fade away in the near future. It’s not that the GOP isn’t inclusive, it’s just that the Democrats appeal to the younger audience better and they also appeal to the minority races [more effectively than the Republicans do].


This is, in large part, due to the celebrities that the Democrats march out and the pandering that the Dem’s do.

Even if the Democrats’ “solutions” and policies DON’T WORK [which they don’t], it doesn’t matter — because if they pander well enough and seem more ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ to the young Americans and to the ‘diverse America’ [whether they pander by saying they love “hot sauce” on a radio show (that has many African-American listeners) or whether it’s marching out a big-name celebrity (to openly endorse and support the Democratic nominee) the Democrats definitely pander and it definitely works when it comes to younger generations and ethnic minorities.]


Gov. Bush understands the need for the GOP to reach out to minorities more, you can tell he understands this, as he said:

“Our party must be bighearted and creative and opportunistic.”

Many younger voters and minorities view the GOP as a bunch of older, white, cranky guys that are not very fond of change.

Well, one of the big reasons that Trump attracted LGBT voters, African-American voters, and Hispanic voters [more so than Republicans usually do] is because he doesn’t appear as a boring, bland, old, white guy. Trump doesn’t come across as a bland, strict, Christian zealot. Trump [despite the fact that he is, technically, an older white guy] comes across as vibrant [because of his unique and colorful personality], he comes across as bold [due to his ‘no-nonsense’ statements and unorthodox approach to politics], he comes across as younger — despite the fact that he is going to be the oldest US President ever [he comes across as younger because of his big brand, big and well-known name, spray-tanned skin, blonde hair, and amazing / magnetic personality].

Trump worked harder for the African-American vote than any other Republican ever has.

He reached out to the LGBT community, heavily and boldly, more so than any Republican ever has. Trump went into areas and cities and states that were strictly ‘Democrat-country’ and he flipped them to red states because of the effort he exerted and the newness / ‘breath of fresh air’ that he brought to the Republican Party and to American politics, itself.

[California is always going to be a blue state (more than likely) because of the idiotic, lazy, ‘hippie’ liberals in southern California. Plus, the southern part of LA supports illegal aliens and I am sure some illegals voted in southern Cali. But as you see, Trump campaigned hard and [pretty] frequently in Cali. And it paid off nicely because a lot of red sections popped up in the liberal state of Cali.]

Gov. Bush also said that the USA is currently divided. Gov. Bush did say that the GOP can unify the country, but only if they become more open to change — which the 21st-century has brought and will continue to bring.

“The GOP has no excuse for failure. We are in charge of both the executive and legislative branches in Washington, and we dominate in the states like never before. We have the power to set the agenda, and we have the responsibility to govern, not merely on behalf of the voters who supported President-elect Trump, but for all Americans.”-Governor Jeb Bush

Gov. Bush [and other Republicans] has realized that Trump [despite the scares he gave the GOP throughout the campaign] has actually not destroyed the GOP [like many people said he did throughout the campaign] but he’s actually revived the GOP and gave it a chance to be relevant, moving forward into the 21st-century and moving forward into an America that will be more diverse than ever.

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[Trump has completely revived the GOP and has given the GOP a chance to survive as the future of America looks more diverse than ever. Trump has truly led the way.]

I doubt that Trump really planned on attracting LGBT voters, black voters, Hispanic voters to the GOP, when he first started off. But Trump realized that his approach to the media, his approach to politics, his approach to the status-quo [which he destroyed — Trump didn’t just scrap the rule book, he burned the rule book, and then rewrote it] and his bighearted / warmhearted, genuine effort that he put in [despite the media and a lot of the world hounding him and giving him negative coverage from every angle] attracted a diverse array of new GOP voters!

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The Republicans must assist Trump and build off of the success he earned and the work he has done.

Gov. Bush also agrees with Trump on passing legislation that will prevent people in Congress from staying in Congress for decades.

Gov. Bush also called onto the Republican Party to reverse President Obama’s executive orders / policies “that have made America weaker, both [at home] and abroad.”

Gov. Bush, along with President-elect Trump, want to:

  • repeal Obamacare and replace it
  • reform regulations [primarily on American energy, I presume]
  • reverse the stretch of power and size of the American government [because less gov’t means more freedom]

“The federal government has become too unwieldy, too powerful and too distant — precisely the problem that the Constitution was designed to avoid.”-Governor Jeb Bush

Gov. Bush also said that the Republicans have a chance to prove that their approach is a better future than the Democrats approach. 

The Republicans’ approach allows Americans more freedom and a chance to prove that they can make good choices and live their life respectfully and civilly WITHOUT the Democrats’ progressive policies intervening.

The Republicans’ approach provides more chances for Americans to work and become successful, individually, without the government coddling them and taking care of them forever.


One thing that I disagree with Gov. Bush on, but see his perspective, is his idea to reform immigration policies [amnesty]. Gov. Bush said that the Republican Party can widen it’s base [which Trump has widened] by “reforming legal immigration and affirming the role that immigrants play in building up our economy and our nation.” 


[Trump has said multiple times, that illegals must be deported. He also said they can come back, if they did not commit some atrocious crime while in the USA, but they have to come back through the legal process! Trump does seem to be running into ‘REALITY’ and may not be able to deport all of the illegals — due to how much money it would cost and due to the fact it would rip our country apart.]

I see Gov. Bush’s point about immigration reform and giving amnesty [because it may attract some minorities to the GOP] but also it could be risky to do so. The USA has been very kind to illegal aliens and has allowed illegals to come across the border and stay for decades. If Trump doesn’t enforce immigration laws now, they’ll never be enforced. And I believe that many Trump supporters, of Hispanic descent, understand that [and many Hispanic-Americans want the border to be secure].

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[Trump still plans to build the wall on the southern border, so we can finally stop illegals from entering the USA.]

Gov. Bush also said / wrote,

“Within our own party, there is much work to do. We have to fuse the party to a modern conservative movement that speaks to 21st-century problems and produces 21st-century solutions. We must act with clarity, consistency and resolve. We must protect and reassure our friends and allies. Let’s not focus on angst, grievance, and division over race, class or gender. Our party must be bighearted and creative and opportunistic. Republicans must make it clear that there is no room in our tent for despicable bigotries like racism, misogyny or anti-Semitism.”

While I see what he is saying, in some aspects, I disagree with the ‘bigotry’ talk. When he says “misogyny”, what in the hell is he referring to? Because third-wave feminists and so many progressives act like patriarchy is ‘misogynistic’ and they act like any natural male tendency is ‘misogynistic’ and ‘anti-women’. I just feel like Gov. Bush, somewhat, contradicts himself. He says that the government should trust the American people to make good choices [and not have the Democrats’ progressive policies breathing down their necks] but then he says stuff like ‘no misogyny’ and blah-blah-blah. I agree with no racism and no non-Jewish statements and so-on and so-forth. But when he mentions ‘misogyny’, that is just a term used by a bunch of bitter feminists who complain about everything.

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“I will continue to pray for President-elect Trump and his family. I pray that he will be led by a deep love of this nation and each of its citizens, regardless of background or ZIP code. And I want him to know that I hope for his success.”-Governor Jeb Bush

Gov. Bush and President-elect Trump hit each other very hardly during the GOP Primary and Jeb Bush refused to support [or endorse] the GOP Nominee, Trump, once Trump won the nomination.

But now the GOP has come around and unifying behind President-elect Trump. And I truly respect Gov. Bush for being fully-supportive of Trump, finally!

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Do you agree with Gov. Bush? I agree with [basically] most of it. But I don’t think we should back off on amnesty. We have to enforce our immigration LAWS now, or we never will fix the d*mn problem! We’ve been very lenient on illegal immigration for decades and we must stop it now! NO AMNESTY. Your thoughts? Tell me in the comment section.


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