Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr.

On Monday, Sheriff Clarke will meet with President-elect Trump. One of Trump’s aides let the media know about this meeting. Over the weekend, the Trump staff let people know that they will not announce anymore Cabinet positions until Monday, so tomorrow will be a newsworthy day!

Sheriff Clarke is an outspoken critic of President Obama, an outspoken supporter and friend of President-elect Trump, and is an outspoken supporter of American law enforcement. Sheriff Clarke has labeled Black Lives Matter as a “hate group”. It is not surprising [that Sheriff Clark believes BLM is a “hate group”] because BLM has called for the deaths of police officers. Sheriff Clarke also spoke at the RNC, in support of President-elect Trump.

Rumors have circulated about Sheriff Clarke [apparently] being a candidate for Trump’s appointee to be the head of the Department of Homeland Security. Many Trump fans have publicly displayed their fondness of the potential of Sheriff Clarke being appointed to the post.

Sheriff Clarke’s spokeswoman was asked to confirm the meeting on Friday but she did not confirm or deny any reports.


Sheriff Clarke was asked if he expected to be appointed to a position by President-elect Trump. Sheriff Clarke responded by saying, “I don’t expect anything, I don’t have an entitlement mentality. I told Donald Trump I wanted to help him, because I thought that this country needed his leadership. That being said, if the president asks you to serve, you step up to fulfill that duty. So if he feels that I can help him and he calls on me, sure I’ll accept it, but I’m not expecting anything.”

Sheriff Clarke has openly supported President-elect Trump for several months. He also loves President-elect Trump’s choice for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

With the rumors spreading that Sheriff Clarke will be Trump’s DHS Secretary, nothing is confirmed yet. But everyone is expecting Sheriff Clarke to be the next DHS Secretary. Monday’s meeting between Sheriff Clarke and President-elect Trump will be interesting! We will keep you updated on this developing story!


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