Jeff Gillenkirk [a writer for Alternet and onetime speechwriter for New York Gov. Mario Cuomo] has passed away. Gillenkirk died just two days after he published “The New PTSD: Post-Trump Stress Disorder”, his final article.

We know that if a person feels very stressed out then it can [negatively] effect the heart and as we see, Jeff Gillenkirk is somewhat evidence of that. He said he had “Post-Trump Stress Disorder” and then a couple days later, he SUDDENLY has a heart attack and dies.

In the column titled “The New PTSD: Post-Trump Stress Disorder”, Gillenkirk wrote about how his fear of a Trump Presidency is similar to what soldiers feel after going to war [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder].

Gillenkirk even gave instructions to suicidal people, instructions about how to remain calm and get help — in order to avoid suicide.

Jeff Gillenkirk was 67 at the time of his death. His family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.


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