Former President of Cuba, Fidel Castro, transformed Cuba into a Soviet-esque communist country. He ruled over Cuba and was a nemesis of the USA for a half-century.

On Friday night, at [approximately] 10:30 PM in Cuba, the President of Cuba [Raul Castro] announced that his brother had just died.

Fidel Castro nearly caused a nuclear war with the USA. The entire world was on edge during the infamous, Cuban Missile Crisis.

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Fidel Castro was a mega-enemy of the USA. He defied multiple US Presidents as he reigned over Cuba. Cuba is very close to the USA and is less than 100 miles away from Florida. Despite the close range, Fidel Castro still defied the USA. He even reigned over Cuba when the USA installed a full-fledged trade embargo against the communist country of Cuba!

Fidel Castro was the victim of MULTIPLE assassination attempts, yet he was able to avoid death … until now, when he passed away due to health issues.

For decades upon decades, Fidel Castro [devoutly] stood for socialism. After being the President of Cuba for so long [1976 to 2008], Fidel turned over his power to his brother, Raul.

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Cuba has been deprived of money due to Fidel Castro’s socialist-communist policies. Communist countries like China and Vietnam have begun to EMBRACE the great system of capitalism, but Cuba has refused to transition to that system. Fidel Castro has said that he would rather die than NOT have socialism [socialism that keeps his country poor, while he comfortably rules over it, basking in his wealth and glory].


[As you see in the image above.] Fidel’s brother, Raul, met with US President Obama in December 2014. The purpose of the meeting was to attempt to restore diplomatic ties between the US and Cuba.


The world is an utter shock as the infamous communist has finally died. Some Cubans are saddened by the death of Fidel Castro, while some Cubans don’t really care because they are not fond of the communist dictator. You can check out what Cubans think of Fidel Castro by clicking this link.


The reactions on Twitter are truly diverse when it comes to the news of Fidel Castro’s death. The Prime Minister of India sent his respects.

The African National Congress of South Africa paid it’s respects to the commie.

But many on Twitter are somewhat joyful that Fidel Castro is dead. And as you can see in this video, Cuban-Americans in Miami are EXUBERANT about Fidel Castro’s death. In the video below, you can see Cuban-Americans [currently] celebrating the death of the infamous Cuban communist.

This guy, in the tweet below, has a message that I genuinely agree with!

[I guarantee you that many liberal college students across America are currently mourning the loss of the oppressive commie, Fidel Castro.]

Oh, look. Here’s another video of Cuban-Americans celebrating the death of Fidel!

This guy, who appears to be a member of the US Armed Forces, tweeted out a funny message in response to Fidel’s death.

Unsurprisingly, you have un-American, anti-capitalists / liberal lunatics mourning the loss of Fidel Castro. Just look at how they [practically] worship the infamous communist.

[Funny to see someone who is able to prosper due to the system of capitalism, is now celebrating the life of an oppressive communist. What a complete bozo!]

[Wow. This guy actually likens the US President & VP to Fidel Castro & Che Guevara. How despicable!]

[This tweet may outrage you and it definitely was the tweet that made me roll my eyes and chuckle at the stupidity of the statement. This is a privileged person, who lives in the US, and is praising the oppressive commie for standing up against capitalism and freedom. Unsurprisingly, his Twitter bio says that he is a “Proud Palestinian”.]

Well, you’ve seen a nice array of tweets in response to Fidel Castro’s death. I’m sure more and more tweets will roll in as the entire world begins to learn about the commie’s death.

[Am I the only one waiting for Bernie Sanders to tweet out a tribute to Fidel Castro?]

[Oh, I guess not. Lol!]

As you see, I decided to tweet out a snarky post … just for the hell of it.

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If you click the link, you will see that The NY Times put out a title [of their article] that shows a little respect to the dead commie. It’s pretty sickening to see America’s own media glorify an oppressive ruler.

Bottom line is, I don’t really care that Fidel Castro died. Hell, it’s about time! Only good commie is a dead commie!


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