On November 21st, over the Gulf Coast and above Florida, a scary thing appeared in the sky.


A fireball scorched through the Earth’s atmosphere at 11 PM on November 21st!

One witness said, “On Monday, November 21, I was ready to go to bed when I saw this enormous fireball coming from the sky. It seemed like it was hitting the water of Fort Myers Beach, Florida.
Something that large, I have never seen before.”

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Many witnesses were frightened and reported the fireball / meteor to the police. Across the state of Florida, police departments were getting calls about this ‘gigantic-looking’ / vibrant meteor.

Another witness described the bizarre event, “I was driving home and heading up the midpoint bridge in Cape Coral and seen what I thought was an unusually bright and close falling shooting star and just as I reached the top of the bridge, the bright light exploded and instantaneously lit up the sky in every direction as far as I could see. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I feel like I was extremely lucky to have, what I felt, was the perfect vantage point to view this meteor. In my opinion, it was headed straight down on SW Cape Coral. Our news channel reported it the next day as a meteor the size of a grape. I’ve heard other reports it was the size of a car. All I can say Is whatever it was it was big and if it had hit the ground it would have caused massive damage.”

According to experts, [roughly] 500-thousand meteors fly by our Earth, every year! The fact that this meteor passed through on a dark night and lit up the sky, was the reason so many Floridians were frightened by this magnificent event.

Despite the meteor appearing to be substantially large, the meteor was estimated to be the size of a baseball. Well, pro baseball players can pitch anywhere between 80 miles per hour and 100 miles per hour … but this ‘baseball-sized’ meteor was flying at [an insane] 40-thousand miles per hour! ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

A Florida meteorologist claimed that the meteor was so bright that it could be [easily] mistaken for the sun! WOW!

Another witness has come forward and described the alarming occurrence. He said, “It looked like a flare last night. I was driving on I-75 north at about 11:20 [PM] and the thing came right above me and just disappeared slowly.”

The meteor has been described [and labeled by experts] as a “bolide”. A “bolide” is “a large meteor that explodes in the atmosphere.

Many meteors are not seen due to the brightness of the sun. And many other meteors are not seen due to them landing in the middle of the ocean.

The American Meteor Society has estimated that the meteor was soaring from southeast to the northwest. The AMS also estimated that the meteor concluded it’s dazzling flight in the sea, just east of of Anna Maria Island!

[Here is some incredible footage of the dazzling fireball. The people in Venice, Florida had an unrivaled viewpoint of the meteor as it streamed across the sky.]

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[Apparently, this is not the first time that people have been alarmed by a meteor in Florida. Here is a news report from February of 2013, when a meteor lit up the sky — for all Floridians to see!]