At North Park University in Chicago, a liberal student [most likely diagnosed with some type of mental illness] claimed that Trump supporters have been sending her “HATEFUL” notes [and e-mails].

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[I have a short message for Taylor Volk … Taylor, you are a nice looking woman and I, personally, think you are attractive [just based off of this picture] — so what in the hell are you doing? GET A GRIP, GIRL.]

About ten days ago, the liberal college student [Taylor Volk] said she was the recipient of multiple notes and e-mails containing anti-gay literature and homophobic slurs! WELL, THAT’S A PRETTY STRONG STATEMENT. IT’S REALLY RIDICULOUS THAT SHE LIED ABOUT THIS!

She CLAIMED that Trump fans were tacking notes onto her door and leaving nasty messages for her.

The North Park University President, David Parkyn, issued an official statement — announcing that the entire situation was “fabicrated” by the student herself!

NPU President, David Parkyn, also said that the student was no longer enrolled at the university.

MENTALLY-ILL LIBERALS. That’s all I have to say, folks!sly

[Well, I will say one more thing. I kind of feel bad for this young woman! I mean, if she seriously has to make up a crazy story like this just to get attention — then she OBVIOUSLY needs some type of mental help. I truly do wish here well.]


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