There have been reports that Hillary Clinton has been in utter shambles ever since losing [in an electoral landslide] to [now the] President-elect Donald Trump.


[This pic never gets old … Red from coast to coast. Trump totally destroyed her. L-M-A-O.]

Well, if it’s true that Hillary’s been down about the election results, then maybe the loving signs [put up by her neighbors] will cheer her up [and maybe it’ll take her mind off of Trump (potentially getting her jailed), like she deserves].

The signs were placed near Hillary’s home in Chappaqua, New York.

As you can see, one of the signs says that Hillary is an “AMERICAN HERO”.


Hmmm … Last time I checked, the four men who went to Benghazi are the true patriots with courage. They’re much more heroic than Hillary could ever be. And she let them die … carelessly.

And wow, I counted about 16 or 17 signs… Pretty impressive since that’s about double what she got at her rallies. *Ba-dum-tsss*

Image result for BA DUM TSS GIF

I must say, that’s a kind thing of her neighbors to do — but I like this sign much better.

What do you think? Like the sign?


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