I am no fan of President Barack Obama, but even I say that this is going way too far!


During a Wisconsin Badgers football game at Camp Randall Stadium [Oct. 29, 2016], two fans came into the stadium wearing a Donald Trump costume and a Hillary Clinton costume.

Two fans at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison portrayed in costume Donald Trump holding a rope with a noose around the necks of President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Well on one of the men’s costumes, it had an Obama face [could have been an Obama mask] tied up in a noose! There is not much info on what the Wisconsin football fans’ reactions were when they saw these two walk in the stadium but the word is that some found it offensive.


The two men received tickets to the game from one of the men’s relatives … Well, NOW because of their offensive costume, the people who supplied them with the tickets have now had their season tickets COMPLETELY REVOKED! Way to go, guys!

One of the men apologized and admit that he showed “poor judgment” when he chose to wear the offensive costume to the ballgame. He also added that it was not a racially-charged display. As we all know, African-Americans have been hung [in America’s distant past] just for being African-Americans — and since President Obama is African-American, showing his head inside of a noose can be really offensive to many people.


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