RealClearPolitics has just recently come out and said that the Republican Party is in the best position it’s been in since 1928.

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President Obama has failed and the failures of him and his party have helped the GOP become the strongest it’s been in multiple decades. Many people have said that the GOP is dead [or dying]. Many people have said that Trump’s politically incorrect rhetoric has stopped minorities from considering to vote for Republicans. Many people have said things like that but all of it is a total lie.

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The Republican Party has been reformed and updated, thanks to the President-elect, Donald Trump. And NOW, the GOP is stronger than it’s EVER BEEN in the last [nearly] nine decades!

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[People said that the GOP was dying and that Trump was the last straw for the Republicans … well, that’s all been debunked as we see THERE’S NO PROBLEM and the GOP is the strongest it’s been in a very long time!]

Analysts at RealClearPolitics have looked over the electoral strength of the GOP and the Democrats. They’ve also analyzed:

  • Presidential Performance
  • House Performance
  • Senate Performance
  • Gubernatorial Performance
  • State Legislative Performance

“Gubernatorial performance is the party’s share of governorships [again, with third party candidates excluded]. We do not weight for population, for reasons explored further below. For state legislatures, we average four numbers: the share of state Houses and state Senates held by each party along with the share of state House seats and state Senate seats held by each party.”-Sean Trende & David Byler of RealClearPolitics

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To read their entire analysis, details and all, visit this link.


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