Jill Stein was the Green Party’s Candidate for US President [and it’s a complete joke that she was even on the ballot].

Jill Stein’s campaign has just announced that they are nearing $4.5 million in donations and have enough money to fund an election recount in Wisconsin [a state that Donald Trump (surprisingly to some people) won].

Jill Stein [idiotically] wants to have Wisconsin’s votes recounted because she refuses to accept the reality that Trump won the election, fair and square. Wisconsin was the state that made many experts project a Presidential Victory for Trump. When the state of Wisconsin was called for Trump, everyone knew that the election was over … and that Trump would be the next President of the United States.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission does not seem to be interested in Jill Stein’s nonsense. The commission issued a statement saying that one of Jill Stein’s lawyers alarmed them that Jill Stein’s campaign will FORMALLY REQUEST A RECOUNT on Friday [today].

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(“To stand against elections you must stand against it even after you got blown out.”)

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(Jill2016.com – Your 4.5 Million Dollars In Donations? It’s In Jill’s Hands And It’s A Total Waste.)

Attention Jill Stein, just give it up. Hippie!


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