President Obama’s foreign policy has made the world less safe. His policies helped ISIS gain power. Just like VP-elect Pence has said:


And ISIS is definitely not “CONTAINED “like Obama idiotically once said [just like he said ISIS was the “JV team“].

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[Image from an ISIS truck bombing that occurred in March.]

AT LEAST 100 people [could very well be much more casualties than just 100] were killed by an ISIS car bomb in Shomali, Iraq today. Shomali is a village located just 75 miles southeast of Baghdad.

[Keep the innocent people of Iraq in your prayers.]

The blast occurred at a gas station. The truck bomb was sent towards buses filled with Shiite-Muslims. ISIS has said that they must deal with “Muslims who have become infidels“. And ISIS considers Shiite-Muslims to be betrayers of the true principles of Islam. ISIS claims to be Sunni-Muslims.

[To learn about the differences between Shiites and Sunnis, click this link.]

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[This man is utterly distraught after the EVIL SUICIDE BOMBING that took place earlier today. Thanks to Obama’s non-leadership and WEAK POLICIES, ISIS has been enabled to do these horrific attacks.]

The bomb KILLED [at the least] 100 PEOPLE but ALSO INJURED a numerous amount of others. Later in the day, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the savage attack. They issued a brief statement which said it was a suicide truck bomb. ISIS has run rampant throughout Iraq and are cowardly directing their attacks against defenseless Iraqis. They are primarily seeking out Shiites to kill.

Just earlier this year [in July], ISIS killed more than 300 people [mostly, if not all, were Shiites] in a car bombing in Baghdad. It’s the most DEADLY ATTACK that the Islamic State has carried out … yet [and I truly hope we don’t see another attack of that magnitude. Once President-elect Trump gets into The White House, I have a feeling that we won’t see ISIS carry out another attack like that]!

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Please pray for the innocent people in Iraq, who are SCARED FOR THEIR LIVES due to the evil Islamic State.

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WAY TO GO, OBAMA. While you focus your efforts on the big hoax called ‘GLOBAL WARMING‘, radical Islam is becoming more and more of a threat EVERYDAY!


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