An affiliate with Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the horrific, massive, genocidal fire that occurred in Haifa, Israel. The massive blaze of fire destroyed an unfathomable amount of property and forced over 80 thousand people to flee their homes!


The horrific infernos have been occurring across Israel in the past week. The group that is claiming responsibility for the evil attacks is Ma’sadat al-Mujahideen [a radical Palestinian Salafist group] and they DEMAND that Jewish people “return from whence they came since they have no place among us”. The radical group WARNS THE JEWISH ISRAELIS that they will continue the arson attacks in Israel [and also in the countries that are friends to Israel] if the Jewish people don’t leave Israel [which the Palestian Salafist group claims is Palestine]. The Islamic Salafi movement is about taking over areas and oppressing them with Islamic Fundamental Sunni government. And that means death to anyone who is not a Sunni Muslim!

Despite what many would think, Ma’sadat al-Mujahideen, is not affiliated with the evil Palestinian group, Hamas.

[As you see in the tweet, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been of great assistance to Israel during this difficult time.]

Israeli’s Prime Minister, and other world leaders, have condemned the genocidal arsonists for the fire attacks and he’s categorized the attacks as “terrorism”. WELL, DUH!

The US has sent aid over to Israel, in response to these insane attacks!

Egypt and Jordan have also assisted Israel, among other nations.

[Israeli firefighters are doing their absolute best to combat the giant fires.]

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The fires have devastated so many Israelis, of all virtues and backgrounds. Yet radical Palestinian Muslims are celebrating the devastating attacks.

The Prime Minister of Israel said that the terrorists [responsible for the fire] “will be punished to the fullest extent.”

Somewhere between 10 and 20 arrests have been made, in connection with the genocidal fires. Many people were hospitalized due to the fiery attack.

As you see in the tweet above, many people are using a ‘F*ck Israel’ hashtag and are CELEBRATING THESE EVIL ATTACKS!

If you can stomach it, go on Twitter and type in the despicable hashtag — AND JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THE TERRIBLE THINGS THAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT ISRAEL!


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