President-elect Donald Trump spoke with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on the phone, just yesterday. The topics that we know [for a fact] Trump and Garcetti discussed are these:

  • Immigration
  • Infrastructure
  • Olympics

Mayor Garcetti’s press secretary said that Garcetti and Trump had a nice conversation. The secretary said that the two men had a productive discussion. So that’s good news!

Mayor Garcetti is a Democrat and he stands for the ‘rights’ of illegal immigrants and pushes for immigration reform. So him and Trump differ [majorly] when it comes to the problem of illegal immigration.

Mayor Garcetti and President-elect Trump also differ when it comes to climate change [global warming]. Garcetti strongly supports policies that combat climate change, while Trump openly displays his disbelief in climate change.

As you see in the tweet above, Mayor Garcetti called out President-elect Trump and wants him to act on climate change.

As you see there, the President-elect doesn’t believe in climate change. It is unknown whether Garcetti and Trump spoke about climate change. My guess is that they did.

Mayor Garcetti also made sure to bring up the need for federal funding when it comes to developing in Los Angeles.

The only info that we know when it comes to Garcetti and Trump’s Olympics discussion [and the possibility of the 2024 Olympics happening in LA] is that President-elect Trump strongly supports LA’s bid for the 2024 Olympics.


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