Lt. Johnny Hernandez [of the Texas Department of Public Safety] has confirmed that the officer was shot in the pelvic area. They believe that it was a stray bullet, and not an intentional attack of law enforcement. But they are still investigating . . .

One of the brave Texas State Troopers was shot in Rio Grande, Texas earlier today — while he was patrolling the southern border [which we all hope, will soon have a big wall].

[The Lt. Governor of Texas tweeted out his condolences to the injured officer, earlier today.]

Some men of Hispanic descent [no info on whether they were illegals or not] got into a shootout near the border and a stray bullet ended up hitting the state trooper in his pelvic area! How vicious! They ended up putting the trooper on a helicopter and flying him to the hospital. He is now recovering smoothly.


[The injured state trooper being put onto the helicopter that flew him to the hospital.]

The troopers were looking out at some individuals on an island [which is located between Mexico and the US] on the Rio Grande River. A shootout began between the two men on the island and a bullet ended up hitting a state trooper. They do not believe the bullet was meant to hit the officer but nothing is certified, as of right now.

[This is a part of the Rio Grande area.]

Law enforcement officials are currently looking into the scary incident and trying to decipher whether the bullet was a stray bullet OR whether the bullet was intentionally fired at our brave law enforcement.

Thank you to the brave men and women who “unwaveringly” defend our southern border, to the best of their abilities [that Obama will allow].


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