It’s been a year of SHOCKS. The Cubs finally won the World Series and Donald Trump won the election [in an ELECTORAL LANDSLIDE].

Well now, Donald Trump may hire Cubs owner Todd Ricketts and appoint him to the role of deputy secretary of commerce in his Cabinet.

The two men met at Trump’s luxurious golf course in New Jersey, over the weekend. Trump just appointed billionaire investor Wilbur Ross to the post of commerce secretary so Todd Ricketts would be working under Ross if he does join the Cabinet.

During the GOP Primary, the Cubs owner donated to Trump’s political enemies and the [now] President-elect threatened to pay for ads that would bash the Cubs owner.

[In the video above, Trump compliment Ricketts, after their meeting.]

Todd Ricketts is a MAJOR DONOR to conservative campaigns and is a deeply-rooted conservative, himself.

Todd Ricketts’ father, Joe Ricketts, donated LOADS OF MONEY to a super-PAC that tried to stop Trump from winning the GOP Primary.

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