In Detroit, Michigan — the Wayne State University police officer, Collin Rose, was shot in the head on Tuesday night. Last night, 5:30 PM Wednesday, he passed away in the medical center.

When Officer Collin Rose passed away, he was surrounded by [approximately] 150 police officers, along with his friends and family.


(Officer Rose had just recently proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes and they were engaged at the time of his death.)

Wayne State University tweeted out this message in honor of the brave policeman, Officer Collin Rose.

Wayne State Univ. President, M. Roy Wilson, issued out an official statement on the horrific incident. He said that “We can honor Collin’s memory best with our ongoing gratitude and support for all of our officers.”

(In the image above, you see Collin Rose and his ex-fiance.)

On this Thanksgiving, say a prayer for Collin Rose’s ex-fiance and his entire family.

[If you’d like to assist Officer Rose’s family in this difficult time, then feel free to visit their ‘GoFundMe’ page.]


Thank you for your support!