BBC dedicated a full show to trashing the USA, Donald Trump, Christians, and also trashed the American media [by saying that the media stopped Hillary Clinton from winning, when that could NOT be further from the truth]!


[Left-wing blowhard, Frankie Boyle, was the host of the show.]

The liberal clown, Frankie Boyle, hosted the show. During the broadcast, Trump was referred to as a “monster” [if Trump is a monster than Hillary is Satan-incarnate]. Also, the show talked about how the USA has a war on women, which is the furthest thing from the truth.

Liberal comedian / host of the show, Frankie Boyle, started off by saying that Americans are stupid. He called Americans “irrational”.

No, little Frankie, what’s irrational is voting for Hillary Clinton — even though she wants wide open borders, funded ISIS, is best friends with people that treat women terribly, wanted to start World War 3, wanted to flood the USA with Muslim refugees who could not be vetted [and have already turned Europe into a hellhole]. That’s irrational. VOTING FOR HILLARY CLINTON IS IRRATIONAL. A vote for Hillary is a vote for the suicide of America!


[Thank God that Donald Trump won!]

Frankie Boyle used the regular plays out of the liberal playbook and he called Trump “mad, racist, and sexist”. Frankie Boyle also  [weirdly] said that Trump looks like a porn star.

[Watch Frankie Boyle’s big broadcast in the video above.]

Boyle also said that Americans get angry if someone offers them healthcare [referring to President Obama’s Obamacare].

NO, FRANKIE BOYLE. We don’t get mad when someone offers us healthcare. We get mad when the government tries to make us pay for other people’s medical treatment [because here in America, we like to do things independently and not rely on the government]. And also, the Affordable Healthcare Act [Obamacare] has not made healthcare more affordable — it’s made healthcare more expensive. So Frankie Boyle, us Americans don’t get mad about being offered healthcare — but we do get mad when we see a healthcare program COMPLETELY CRUSHING the middle class.

“There were Republican politicians who didn’t vote for him [Trump]. Those are some of the worst people in the world, how can you lose them?”-Frankie Boyle

Frankie Boyle also said that President-elect Donald Trump has created a “new low” in the USA.

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The people on the panel then TOOK MEGA-SHOTS at Christian conservatives [you know, the people who donate more to charity than liberals … you know, the people that treasure the values that made the USA the greatest nation in the world]. Frankie Boyle criticized Christian conservatives and then said “If prayer works, they should pray to be less f**king stupid.”

Ummm, no. Christian conservatives are not the dumb ones. The dumb ones are the radical Muslims who kill in the name of Allah and use women as sex slaves. Yet liberals like Frankie Boyle just love the religion of Islam.

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On the broadcast, they even said that Trump and ISIS are the same thing. [How stupid of a statement could you make?!]

The BBC broadcast also said “Do you remember when you thought that George Bush was the bottom … a guy who’s so stupid that he can’t really speak … [Trump] doesn’t really have policies – they’re more the sort of things a drunk would say on a bus when he gets shaken awake by a pothole.”

Well, George Bush is the furthest thing from an idiot. President Bush may have not been a great speaker but was a military aviator and most pilots [that I know of] are pretty damn smart because you can’t operate a plane without being smart! Also, the notion that Trump doesn’t have policies is absurd. They are right here and they are as detailed as they can get!

One of the female comedians, on the broadcast, said that prison is a safer place for women than “Trump’s America“. LOL. I have no words for the stupidity of that statement!

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The broadcast also called Trump supporters “perverts” and they also called white men “privileged”.


So yeah, it was the basic liberal lunacy that you see on TV.


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