It would USUALLY be a shock to see foreign governments / foreign interests withdraw from the Clinton Foundation, but this time it isn’t! Because of the fact that Hillary Clinton got [electorally] DESTROYED and lost the election, a high-profile, foreign government has seen that there is nothing left for them to gain or purchase from Hillary — as she will no longer be involved in the US gov’t.

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We all know that Hillary Clinton has been involved in scandalous deeds for years. Clinton Cash completely exposes her and her husband. Hillary accepts money from foreign bidders [foreign bidders that donate to her foundation] and then she uses her government power to help them in anyway they’d like. Therefore she puts foreign government’s interests before the American people’s interests!


WikiLeaks recently revealed Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play schemes with special interests. They exposed the fact that donors to the Clinton Foundation have a conflict on interest with the American people’s interest.

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It’s also been revealed that foreign governments [that donated massive amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation] received nice increases in US weaponry from the State Department [which Hillary was the secretary of at the time]. Saudi Arabia is one of the many countries that received an increase in US weaponry after donating massive amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation. We all know that Saudi Arabia is not very kind to women.

NOW, JUST AFTER HILLARY CLINTON LOST THE ELECTIONNorway, a government that is a huge donator to the Clinton Foundation, has decreased their annual donation from 20 million to 4.2 million. Norway’s government has obviously lost interest as Hillary Clinton cannot sell out the State Department or any other department, now that she will no longer hold a powerful position in government.

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(Norway’s government has lost their interest in ‘Crooked’ Hillary Clinton. Funnily, they decided to substantially drop their donation amount RIGHT AFTER Hillary lost the election. Hmmm, what a coincidence [not]!)

Philanthropy experts told CNBC that “contributors [to the Clinton Foundation] may look elsewhere and the [Clinton] foundation may have to rethink its scope and priorities.” The experts said this is “Because Hillary Clinton is no longer seen as a President in waiting”.

Back in 2015, when proof of Hillary’s pay-to-play came out, financial contributions [to the Clinton Foundation] fell by nearly 40%.

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With all of the evidence of corruption and ‘pay-to-play’, Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz is trying to begin an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. MY ADVICE TO CHAFFETZ: JUST GIVE IT UP. The Clintons have been getting away with corruption for decades. Hillary has become a maestro when it comes to avoiding imprisonment.

President-elect Donald Trump is NOT expected to prevent investigations into the Clinton Foundation. It now seems that Chaffetz and the FBI will look more and more into the Clinton Foundation.


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