A little less than a month ago, on October 30th, the New England Patriots were taking on the Buffalo Bills in Ralph Wilson Stadium … and during the game, two Bills fans [both brothers] thought that it would be HILARIOUS to disrupt the game by throwing a dildo out on the turf.

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(A dildo has been thrown on the NFL playing field? Give me a break, ugh.)

The dildo had a message written on it as well. It said “Tom Brady’s dildo”, a reference to the Patriots’ all-star quarterback.

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(Tom Brady is not fond of the gift that the Bills fan threw on the field.)

The idiotic fan that threw the disgusting sex toy on the field of play, spoke on a podcast to talk about the incident. He revealed that he sneaked the dildo into the stadium via an extra pair of pants. He also told the podcast host that his brother was the one who recorded the dildo-toss, which took place during the third quarter of the game.

The security at the game did not see him throw it and no one knew where the dildo came flying from.

“Everyone was just stunned. Everyone was just looking at the field at the time I threw it, and no one came, I didn’t get in trouble.”-the unidentified Bills fan [that threw the dildo]

According to the Buffalo Bills VP of operations and guest experience, Andy Major, the dildo-thrower was caught and has received a lifetime / permanent ban from attending Bills games at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

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(Honestly … Just gross.)

So it is very apparent to me [and very apparent to anyone with an ounce of brain cells], that these two guys are extreme idiots. I love to joke around with people and I am not a saint [very far from it], but I don’t really enjoy dirty jokes when they occur around kids. I mean you’ve got young women, little girls, little boys at the game and they all saw that disgusting object hit the field. Just stupid, in my opinion.

Listen my people, I cuss like a sailor [well, maybe not as much as a sailor — but I tend to cuss] and I have a very good sense of humor. But this is just a dumb thing to do in my opinion — especially because an NFL game is supposed to be family-friendly. So to the two brothers that executed this entire ordeal, get a life!

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The dildo-thrower [who was stupid enough to gloat about it on Twitter, which got him caught by the Bills organization] has now started selling T-shirts that say ‘Lob-a-Knob‘ across the shirt [and the shirts also have an image of a hand holding a dildo]. Real nice, I am sure they are a great hit [not]! Oh, and he’s also selling ‘Lob-a-Knob’ hoodies and bracelets — so that’s nice.