It is ABSOLUTELY INSANE that this woman was fired by Regions Bank for making anti-Obama comments! It was just Facebook, for God’s sake!

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(June Pridmore was fired by Regions Bank. Why? All because she simply displayed her political opinion in a post on Facebook. You think it’s sad that a company would fire someone for exercising their 1st Amendment rights? Yeah, same here! Insanity.)

The woman is a Trump supporter and is obviously not fond of Obama! Check out the long post that she made, in which she condemns our current President [a.k.a. the weakest prez ever], Barack Obama.


(The woman was labeled as a ‘racist’ by some liberal Facebook page. Apparently, the comment about ‘selling’ Barack and Michelle was perceived as ‘racist’ because some people believed she was alluding to slavery. But anyone with commonsense can tell that is not what she meant at all! If she did then she would have said it more concisely. All she meant was that Trump is extremely rich and could ‘buy’ the Obama’s if he wanted to!)

This woman, June Pridmore, was the senior VP of loans operations at Regions Bank — up until the company fired her over a political statement.

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Do you think that this former Regions employee was alluding to slavery anywhere within her anti-Obama comment? I, personally, do not believe that she was! But if you think she was then please let me know in the comment section below!

I hope that things get better for you, June! Stay strong!


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