Another Anti-Trump liberal has been caught RED-HANDED committing vandalism!

[Unhinged, radical, loony liberal was caught RED-HANDED & BLUE-HAIRED by Los Angeles Police!]

The blue-haired balloon brain was caught [on surveillance camera] spray-painting the federal building. He … oops, I meant SHE vandalized four government buildings in all.


Her name is Victoria Jayne Bay, and as you can tell, she has been Completely TRIGGERED by Donald Trump’s [presidential] Victory!

She defaced the walls with vulgar language and anti-Trump literature. [According to Deputy Kelvin Moody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.]

She will be charged with felony vandalism. The graffiti caused [roughly] $9,000 in damage. The insane, liberal, blue-haired vandal is currently being held on a $1,000 bond. She is 37 years of age. [Yet she acts more immature than a little child.]


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