The ‘tolerant’ left continues to expose itself more and more everyday…

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We recently heard Senator Bernie Sanders speak about how the Democratic Party needs to go even further left [despite the fact that it’s already really left as it is]. And his former spokeswoman, Symone Sanders, had a very sickening comment on the Democratic Party’s future direction.

“We don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now.”-Symone Sanders

WOW. What a shocking statement to make! Imagine if a conservative said “we don’t need black people leading the Republican Party right now.” The liberal media would be going bonkers!


Symone Sanders also made fun of the white guy that was [just recently] beaten up by a gang of black men. Why did she not condemn that act of racism and bigotry? Why did she not condemn that hate crime? Why did she laugh at the helpless old man instead?

This statement that she made is nearly as bad as Bernie Sander’s statement, when he said white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor. The anti-white rhetoric continuously heats up over there in the Democratic Party! Really sick!


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