After the Islamic lunatic fringe shot up the Pulse Night Club in Orlando and put bullets in over a 100 people, killing roughly half of them, The Democrats upped their calls for more gun control and stricter regulations. They even sat around like little children and refused to leave while protesting Congress’ decision not to impose stricter gun regulations.

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Instead of The Democrats criticizing the ideology behind the Islamic terror attack and instead of The Dem’s admitting that to prevent another attack like this then we need to stop allowing in Muslim migrants who are not able to be completely vetted, The Democrats instead decided to blame 2nd Amendment conservatives for not supporting stricter gun control legislation.

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Yeah, because in the logic of stupid Democrats’ minds, they should import as many radical Islamic jihadists as possible and then when they commit genocide with a firearm, blame it on law-abiding 2nd Amendment enthusiasts.


(At this point, all I can do is ‘facepalm’ at the logic of The Democrats.)


Despite the USA being the top country for gun ownership, we are not even in the top ten for gun deaths! In fact, over the years more citizens have loaded up on firearms and ammunition. And over the past few decades, gun crimes have decreased substantially.

When it comes to gun crimes, Chicago is among the worst.

Even though Chicago has very strict gun laws [among the strictest], the amount of gun crimes are ‘astronomical’.

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In 2011, Chicago had  433 murders and 83% of them were by guns. Chicago had a really shocking statistic in 2013. In 2013, more people died in Chicago than US military personnel died in Afghanistan.

With Chicago’s many gun control regulations, it’s a huge surprise to see a shocking stat like that. If gun laws had a positive impact [from a safety perspective], then how come Chicago is not safe?

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Chicago’s first few months of 2016 were not a very nice one. In the first three months of 2016, the murder rate in Chicago surged upward by 72% and the shootings have shot up by an absolute unprecedented 88%.

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Most Chicago shootings occur due to gang rivalries, in which most of the shooters are not legal gun-toters. In Chicago, the killing rate fluctuates by areas of the city. In Chicago’s neighborhood of Englewood, the murder rate is ten times higher than other neighborhoods throughout the city. Obviously Chicago’s tight gun laws have not made Chicago a more wholesome city, nor have the gun laws made Chicago safer. The major issue with strict gun laws is that it provides difficulties for law-abiding US citizens [that are trying to acquire a firearm]. Criminals do not follow laws so why would you expect them to follow gun laws?

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Since gun laws are strictly applied in ‘Chi-town’, so many peaceful Americans are left extremely vulnerable while dangerous thugs roam the streets with illegal weaponry.

So with these stats, it is easy to see that gun control just doesn’t make the USA safer! Get over it, liberals!


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