President Obama isn’t a REAL Commander-in-Chief BUT he is truly a ‘Commuter-in-Chief’.

President Obama has set many records.

  • Worst GDP growth out of any President ever.
  • Accumulated more nat’l debt than every President before him COMBINED!
  • Most mass shootings under any President ever.
  • Biggest massacre in American history, Obama allowed it to happen, under him FBI let the killer off the hook. He was a radical Islamic terrorist!
  • Lowest morale our US Armed Forces have EVER HAD!
  • Weakest president of all time. (Physically and every other way possible)
  • More killings in Chicago than US military deaths in Afghanistan. It’s really embarrassing because Obama is a black man from Chicago and most of the deaths are black men in Chicago. You’d think if anyone could solve the problem it would be Obama by relating to them, since he’s the same ethnicity and he’s from ‘Chi-town’ but instead he’s completely ignored the ‘battleground’ ghettos.
  • Worst attack EVER on US Law Enforcement.
  • And NOW, he’s set another record that he should be proud of (sarcasm) … Only President to EVER Commute OVER 1,00o CONVICTED FELONS. Way to go, a**hole!

As Obama is a former druggie himself, it is no surprise to see Obama relinquish drug dealers from their federal sentences early. But he’s released other felons convicted of other crimes as well!

It’s really sad when your President warmly embraces an organization that HEAVILY ENCOURAGES and ENDORSES the murdering of policemen/policewomen. But it’s extremely saddening to see our President show more respect and love to CONVICTED FELONS than our brave police officers of the USA.

Obama seems to care more about drug dealers and thugs [who tote weapons illegally] more than he cared about the 4 great men who died in Benghazi (ALL OBAMA’S FAULT ALONG WITH HILLARY CLINTON).

Earlier today, President Obama pushed his commutations past the one-thousand mark (CONGRATULATIONS. Real accomplishment, jerk)! He granted 79 federal inmates a ‘GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD’.

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So Obama can free over 1,000 felons but can’t make a phone call to the family of slain detective, Benjamin Marconi. Really despicable and really sad! Makes you wonder if Obama really cares about anyone besides thugs, felons, drug dealers, and all the other scum of the world? He sure as hell boosted ISIS to unprecedented heights, and they’re the scummiest of them all!


Now with all of these commutations that Obama has given and with nearly 80 more added onto the pile, watch the crime rate skyrocket right as Trump takes office and then they’ll blame it on Trump. What a joke!

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GET THIS. Not only has Obama dug us deeper into national debt, more so than every other President combined! But he’s also granted more COMMUTATIONS than the 11 Presidents before him, COMBINED! OUTSTANDING WORK, Obama! REALLY NICE, you jerk!

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You can read more about this developing story at this link but man, Obama has surely done a great job helping illegals, criminals, ‘cop-haters’, and Muslims in a massive way WHILE ignoring the needs of our brave US military service-members, everyday Americans, and Christian conservatives.

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Is it respectful to say it? NO! Is it nice to say it? NO! But is it safe to say it, now? HELL YES! Obama is, unequivocally, the worst of all time!


Obama, go f**k yourself. WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR BS!


Thank you for your support!