The liberally-biased, mainstream, corporate media has UNFAIRLY blamed Trump for the alt-right.

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The alt-right is an alternative group of  right-wing conservatives. The alt-right has a muddied purpose. Some of the alt-right stands for strong nationalism and sovereignty. And some of the alt-right stands for strong WHITE nationalism and are opposed to other races.

The alt-right was formed in response to the alt-left, which is the far-left, radical fringe of liberals who have totally targeted white men, nationalism, capitalism, Christians, etc.

It’s amazing how the liberal media covers and condemns a few mean tweets by alt-right members but don’t cover and don’t condemn LIBERAL RIOTS.

Despite the fact that Trump has nothing to do with this subgroup [the alt-right], the media [of course] blames him for it.

[The NY Times actually condemned Trump for appointing five white men, once again — the alt-left pushes their radical, ‘anti-white’ / ‘anti-white men’ agenda. I wonder if Carlos Slim [NY Times owner] ensures DIVERSITY in the Mexican gov’t? Oh no, he doesn’t — the Mexican gov’t is all Hispanic!]

Yesterday in a sit-down interview with The NY Times, Trump was asked about the alt-right and a Pro-Trump celebration that APPARENTLY took place in Washington D.C. At the celebration, APPARENTLY the alt-right members [who are Trump fans] celebrated Trump’s Presidential victory while giving the Nazi salute.

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Trump commented:

“I disavow and condemn them. It’s not a group I want to energize. And if they are energized, I want to look into it and find out why.”

Of course The NY Times can’t ask Trump about his specific policies. Of course The NY Times can’t focus on REAL PROBLEMS that Trump will combat when he is the U.S. President. Instead The NY Times would rather race-bait and do their ABSOLUTE BEST to stop Trump from unifying the country [racially, spiritually, and every other way].

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(Liberal media will continue to do it’s best to stop the USA from becoming a unified nation. The liberal media wants to ignore the assaults on Trump fans and instead wants to insult Trump fans. The liberal media wants to feed American minorities a false narrative about Trump and his supporters. The liberal media does this to keep us torn apart.)

The NY Times is a ‘liberal rag’ and has been caught lying about Trump and has generated many stories which have distorted what Trump’s said or have mislead readers [about who Trump is]. The NY Times is owned by Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim, who despises Trump.

The NY Times then questioned Trump’s appointment of Stephen Bannon. The liberal media has FALSELY LABELED Stephen Bannon as an anti-Semite and white supremacist.

(In the image above, you see Stephen Bannon. Trump granted him a post in his Cabinet. The media [falsely] labels Bannon as an anti-Semite. Even though Trump has Jewish grandchildren, a Jewish daughter, and a Jewish son-in-law — the media really thinks that Trump would hire an anti-Semite.)

This was Trump’s response to The NY Times’ [about Stephen Bannon]:

“If I thought he was a racist or alt-right or any of the things, the terms we could use, I wouldn’t even think about hiring him.”-Donald Trump

Trump also said that Bannon is having a hard time with cruel accusations being made by the liberal media. Trump said that Bannon is not happy with the coverage because the narrative [that the media is driving about Bannon] does not reflect who he really is.

“I think he’s [Bannon] having a hard time with it. Because it’s not him.”-Donald Trump

Trump also commented on Breitbart News. He talked about Breitbart being labeled as an ‘alt-right’ website. Trump said that Breitbart is just another publication. He said that it’s just a really conservative publication.

“Breitbart really is a news organization that has become quite successful.”-Donald Trump

To read the entire interview [that The NY Times conducted with President-elect Donald Trump], visit this link.


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