It is so amazing that the liberal media REFUSES to condemn the violent riots that liberals continuously doing throughout the country. And the liberal media REFUSES to condemn (or even talk about) the vicious attacks on Trump supporters. But yet the liberally-biased, mainstream, corporate media DOES focus on the alt-right [despite the fact that the alt-right isn’t committing arson, isn’t starting riots, isn’t attacking Hillary supporters].

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Last night on Hannity, BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray tried to act as if the alt-radical-left doesn’t exist. She tried to justify the violent rhetoric of Black Lives Matter. She tried to justify and their terrible attacks on Trump supporters / riots. She tried to defend the alt-left and she tried to condemn the alt-right. Whether you think the alt-right is bad or not [it’s a muddied group because about half of the alt-right people are just patriotic nationalists, while the other half are full-blown racists], you cannot SERIOUSLY SAY that the alt-right is nearly as bad as the far-left loons that are setting fires in the streets and brutalizing Trump fans.

But yet, Rosie Gray found so much fault in the alt-right WITHOUT even condemning the LIBERAL RIOTERS. Maybe Rosie Gray should see things from our perspective for a moment! If she were a conservative, she could end up like this poor girl [just for being a conservative]:

Totally sickening footage, as you just saw. And also Rosie Gray defended President Obama and his decision to warmly-embrace [and invite to The White House] the ‘supporters of cop-killing‘ a.k.a. Black Lives Matter. Rosie said that it isn’t a big deal because Obama didn’t invite the people who did the ‘Dead Cops‘ chant to The White House, and instead he invited other members of the group. Well if Rosie is going to say that we shouldn’t condemn a full group because of a few people, then why don’t liberals QUIT CONDEMNING all Trump supporters of being ‘racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic‘ just because a very tiny portion of Trump supporters are? Liberal Logic is absurd!

(Black Lives Matter pleaded for dead cops and they got that. A radical BLM member SNIPED and KILLED multiple Dallas policemen and specifically targeted white policemen. And then Obama tries to act like HE HAS NO CLUE WHY THE RADICAL BLM MEMBER DID IT!)

Also, when Hannity brought up the videos of BLM chanting for the casualties of policemen/policewomen, he asked Rosie if it’s safe to call them the ‘alt-left’? And she totally dodged the question, as if she was trying to AVOID condemning any other leftists [as she is a left-wing reporter, herself]. Hannity then said that BLM should not be invited to The White House because of those horrific ‘dead cops’ chants. Hannity then said if the KKK were invited to The White House, it would be horrible. Rosie then asked Sean if he was comparing BLM to the KKK. Ummm, obviously he wasn’t, Rosie. All Sean was saying is that it’s hypocritical of liberals to allow Obama to invite members of an alt-left group [Black Lives Matter] to The White House, when those same liberals would be RIOTING if Trump invited someone from the [racist part of the] alt-right to The White House. Rosie Gray really does not have her thinking cap on!

As you see above, radical / alt-left liberals ATTACK Trump supporters. Last time I checked, I have not seen alt-right conservatives assault any Hillary fans.

Rosie also said that Hannity has not condemned the alt-right even though he did at the beginning by saying that he disagrees with racism and anti-Semitism. She also said that the alt-right is a real movement even though it’s not. It’s a bunch of internet trolls that make racist comments, that’s literally all it is. Wanna see a real movement? It’s the radical leftists violently jumping Trump supporters. It’s the radical leftists disrupting society and RIOTING in the streets. It’s Black Lives Matter pushing a false narrative [proven] and calling for the casualties of cops. It’s insiders of the Democratic Party hiring people and sending them to Trump rallies just to incite violence. It’s liberals that are assaulting the elderly. That’s a real movement and that’s what The Dem’s and liberals are! YET THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA DOESN’T REPORT ON IT, NOR DO THEY CONDEMN IT!

(As you see above, a brave Trump fan [who happens to be a homeless woman] guards Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. But then, radical liberals assault her.)

Take a look at the discussion below. Hannity is concise and owns Rosie with facts.



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