Liberals, liberals, liberals. If you get into a debate with them and they have no facts to support their argument, then they will begin to label you as a ‘racist’ or a ‘sexist’ or a ‘homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic‘ person.


This just happened to me on Twitter with two liberals. They had no legitimate response to my argument so they just held their hands over their ears and screamed out names at me!

A liberal posted this tweet:

So I replied,

And he/she had no logical response so he/she just called me a ‘Neo-Nazi’.

Funny how liberals get TRIGGERED if you are not politically correct yet this liberal says he/she is finished being politically correct. Hypocrite!

The liberal had no response to my tweet. I brought up the countless attacks on Trump fans and he/she refused to condemn them and instead [basically] ignored the substance of my tweet. And called me a ‘Neo-Nazi’ again! Lol…

If I was a Nazi then I wouldn’t support Trump. The guy supports Israel and has Jewish grandchildren, a Jewish daughter, and a Jewish son-in-law!

And so I FINALLY called the liberal a name since that’s all the liberal wanted to do to me. The liberal then tweeted a pic at me [profanity-laced] and yeah … Such a stupid response and total false equivalence.

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(My reaction to liberals’ arguments.)

In the next series of tweets, you will see me in a little talk with another liberal. This guy has no legitimate counter-argument or anything… He just straight up calls me a racist like all liberals resort to.


So I cannot post a link to these tweets because this ‘tolerant’ liberal OBVIOUSLY didn’t want a ‘diverse’ array of views in his notifications … so he blocked me, haha! (Also notice how he said that I wouldn’t admit that Melania copied Michelle Obama’s speech? Ummm, I just did. I said she copied a little bit of Michelle’s speech and used it in her speech.)


And as you see, he called me and @Ross_Ally a closeted racist. So I had to reply to that.


These liberals are just deluded.


And as you see here, he decided to block me! I joined the “BLOCK party”, lol! So he had no substance in his arguments and he couldn’t respond without labeling someone as a racist or whatever. And in the end, he has nothing to say [because he has no brain cells] and he blocked me. Like all liberals do when they are wrong!

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(If you present liberals with facts, they get triggered.)

If you’d like to leave that idiot a message then go check out his Twitter, @BrothaDoug. BEWARE: You may be forced to join the “BLOCK party” against your will!

Here’s a video of TRIGGERED liberals screaming and whining and insulting because they have no legit response to this guy’s argument. This is just one example out of countless ones…

Here’s Rick Santorum owning a liberal at Vanderbilt University.

At least that liberal student didn’t go to the regular liberal bag of tricks and didn’t start hurling personal insults at Santorum. But still, he got owned by Santorum!


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